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Dictionary of London Immigrants
1848-1862 - Salisbury Place (Marylebone) Tags: Sculpture, Italy, place: Florence Sculptor Torello Ambucci [Ambuchi] was born around 1807 in Florence. Having lived and worked in Paris, he
1848-1862 - Salisbury Place (Marylebone) Tags: Sculpture, Italy, place: Florence Sculptor Torello Ambucci [Ambuchi] was born around 1807 in Florence. Having lived and worked in Paris, he 1852-1895 - Duke Street (Westminster) Tags: Universities, Librarians, Law, Literatur, Italy, place: Manduria Literary scholar and politician Giacomo [James] Lacaita was born at Manduria 1850-1867 - Newman Street (Fitzrovia) Tags: Sculpture, Italy, place: Ravenna Sculptor and modeller Angelo Francesco Bezzi was born around 1811 in either Ravenna or Rome. He had settled 1850-1880 - Russell Street (Covent Garden) Tags: Museums, Mouldmaking, Italy, place: Lucca Plaster figure maker Domenico Brucciani was born in Lucca at some time between 1815 and 1818. 1850-1907 - Devonshire Street (Westminster) Tags: Sculpture, Italy, place: Carrara Sculptor Mario Raggi was born in 1821 in Carrara. He studied art at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, Carrara, 1850-1873 - Gray’s Inn Lane (Holborn) Tags: Sculpture, Trade, Italy, place: Barga Modeller and plaster caster Louis Caproni was born Luigi Caproni around 1807 in Barga, Tuscany. In 1849-1896 - Hatton Garden (Holborn) Tags: Instrument Making, Photography, Italy, place: Argegno Instrument maker Louis Antonio Peroni was born in Argegno, Lake Como, in 1836. The area 1848-1881 - Great Marlborough Street (Soho) Architecture, Radicalism, Royalty, Sculpture Sculptor Raffaele Monti was born at Iseo, Ticino. His father was the sculptor Gaetano Monti of 1848-1881 - Brewer Street (Soho) Tags: Art Dealers, Painting, Royalty, Italy, place: Naples Artist, art dealer, and picture restorer Raffaelle [Raphael] Pinti was born around 1828 1848-1867 - Onslow Square (South Kensington) Tags: Royalty, Sculpture, Italy, place: Turin Sculptor Carlo Marochetti was born on 14 January 1805 in Turin. His father Vincenzo Marochetti had 1847-1892 - Bow Street (Covent Garden) Tags: Music, Theatre, Italy The Royal Opera House, home of Britain’s oldest national opera and ballet companies, began its existence as the Covent 1847-1891 - Holborn Hill (Holborn)­­ Tags: Chocolatiers, Food, Trade, Italy, place: Ticino Chocolatier Battista Bolla was born in 1819 in Ticino. He established his premises at no. 129 1845-onwards­­­­ - Clerkenwell Road (Clerkenwell) Tags: Architecture, Church History In 1845 Saint Vincent Palotti, founder of the Pallotine Fathers, requested the building of a Basilica-style 1844-1888 - Highbury Grove (Islington) Tags: Academies, Banking, Jews, Law, Trade, Italy, place: Ancona Jurist and political economist Leone Levi was born on 6 June 1821 in Ancona into a 1844-1850 - Haymarket (Westminster) Tags: Dance, Music, Italy, place: Genoa Ballet composer Cesare Pugni was born on 31 March 1802 in Genoa, the son of a clockmaker. He began his 1842-1861 - Red Lion Court (City of London) Tags: Child Care, Church History, Societies, Education, Periodicals, Italy, place: Florence Educationalist Salvatore Ferretti was born in Florence 1841-1888 - Leather Lane (Holborn) Tags: Sculpture, Italy, place: Tuscany Many sculptors employed professional plaster workers or moulders to undertake specialist work in the 1840-1894 - Regent Street (West End) Art Dealers & Sculpture & Italy & place: Volterra Marble merchant, statuary, and art dealer Egisippo Luigi Norchi was born around 1812 in Volterra, Tuscany. Date of his arrival in Britain is not 1840-1849 - West End Lane (Hampstead) Missionaries & Italy & place: Pallanzana Priest Domenico Giovanni Luigi Barberi was born on 22 June 1792 at Pallanzana, then in the Papal States, into a family of small farmers. He joined 1867- 1919 - Bond Street (Mayfair) Artists’ Models & Painting & Italy Artists’ model Alessandro di Marco moved to London from Piedmont in 1867 and found work as an organ grinder. His androgynous features made him an
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