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About the author


Jaap Harskamp was born in September 1946 in Oostzaan. Educated in Amsterdam, he holds a Cum Laude first degree and a PhD in Comparative Literature at Amsterdam University. He has worked as a Researcher at the European University Institute (Florence); was Curator of the Dutch & Flemish Collections at British Library (retired); and continued as a Researcher at Cambridge UL. 


His bibliographical work has been published by the Wellcome Institute and British Library. In 2011, Brill issued his major study The Anatomy of Despondency: European Socio-Cultural Criticism 1789-1939.


Over the years he has acted as London correspondent to the Short Title Catalogue Netherlands (STCN); he substantially increased Frits Lugt’s Répertoire des catalogues de ventes publiques intéressant l’art ou la curiosité (published by Brill as: Lugt’s Répertoire Online); he is founder of the Indonesia Merdeka Collection at the British Library and produced an annotated catalogue of materials, most of which were acquired during his curatorship.


Over the last ten years or so he has been focusing his work on socio-cultural aspects of migration within Europe. His blogs are published regularly in Amsterdam and New York.


Jaap Harskamp and Paul Dijstelberge first met at The Hague in the early 1990s whilst attending a STCN meeting. They have been collaborating ever since on a wide range of topics, Dijstelberge acting as editor and publisher (both online and in print), and Harskamp as author.