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Dictionary of London Immigrants
1837-1847 - Hatton Garden (Holborn) Societies & Education & Radicalism & Italy & Place: Genoa Journalist and political activist Giuseppe Mazzini was born on 22 June 1805 in Genoa, then under French rule. Banned from the city for revolutionary 1836-1859 - Portsdown Road (Kensington) Jews & Printing & Radicalism & Italy & place: Pesaro Supporter of Italian independence Sarina Nathan was born Sarina Levi on 7 December 1819 at Pesaro on the Adriatic coast into a Jewish merchant 1834-1874 - Myddleton Street (Clerkenwell) Sculpture & Italy & place: Lucca Plaster cast maker Giovanni Ferdinando Franchi was born around 1812 in Lucca. He settled in London around 1834. By around 1851, working from 1835-1846 - Strand (Covent Garden) Crime & Military & Italy & place: Florence Forger Count [Rinaldo] Ottavio degli Albizzi was born in 1804 in Florence. A cavalry officer in the army of Charles X of France, he was wounded in 1831-1875 - Knightrider Street (City of London) Music & Pubs & Italy Violinist Joseph Dando was born on 11 May 1806 at London’s Somers Town. Nothing is known of his parents, but he was most likely of Italian descent. 1831-1872 - Portsea Place (Bayswater) Instrument Making & Music & Italy & place: Genoa Guitarist and concertina player Giulio Regondi was born in Genoa in 1822. The details of his parentage are unclear, but it appears that he had a 1830-1883 - Charles Street (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Trade & Italy & place: Como Instrument maker Francis Augustus Pizzala was born about 1813 in Como. He moved to London in 1830. From 1840 to 1846 he ran his business as a maker 1830-1879 - Hatton Gardens (Camden) Instrument Making & Royalty & Trade & Italy & place: Como Maker of scientific instruments Enrico [Henry] Angelo Ludovico Negretti was born on 13 November 1818 in Como. His father operated a horse-drawn 1830-1855 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Naples Singer Luigi Lablache was born at Naples on 6 December 1795. In 1806 he entered the Conservatorio della Pietà dei Turchini and in 1812 he was 1829-1884 - Eccleston Square (Belgravia) Societies & Dance & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Naples Conductor and composer Michael Costa was born Michele Andrea Agniello Costa in Naples on 4 February 1808, the son of Pasquale Costa. The family was 1827-1889 - Jermyn Street (Mayfair) Impresarios & Music & Italy Operatic soprano Giacinta Toso [La Toso] was born in 1807 in Piedmont. She received her training at the Milan conservatory. She was performing in 1825-1828 - Not traced Art Dealers & Collections & Galleries & Librarians & Italy & place: Treviso Librarian and art dealer Abbé Luigi Celotti was born on 12 August 1759 in Treviso in the Veneto region. His name appears as an art dealer after the 1824-1854 - Charlotte Street (Fitzrovia) Academies & Museums & Poetry & Radicalism & Italy & place: Vasto Scholar, poet, and activist Gabriele Pasquale Rossetti was born on 28 February 1783 in Vasto, Kingdom of Naples. The son of a blacksmith, he made an 1823-1828 - Haymarket (Westminster) Academies & Music & Italy & place: Naples Opera composer Carlo Coccia was born in Naples on 14 April 1782. He studied in his native city with Pietro Casella and Giovanni Paisiello, who 1822-1854 - Oxford Street (Westminster) Carvers & Gilders & Royalty & Trade & Italy & place: Milan Carver and gilder Carlo [Charles] Nosotti was born in 1798 in or near Milan. He was working in London in 1822. In 1827 he married Amelia Garbanati, 1822-1838 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Lugo de Romagna Operatic bass singer Giuseppe de Begnis was born in 1793 in Lugo de Romagna, the same place where Rossini lived between 1802 and 1804. Having 1822-1825 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Naples Soprano Giuseppina Ronzi was born in Milan on 11 January 1800, the daughter of Gaspare Ronzi, a famous dancer and choreographer. Her mother was a 1821-1908 - Granville Square (Clerkenwell) Caricaturists & Trade & Italy & place: Como Antonio Grego, a native of Como, settled in London before 1821 as a looking-glass manufacturer, the firm becoming Susan Grego & Sons in 1839, and 1821-1881 - Upper James Street (Westminster) Architecture & Engineering & Radicalism & Theatre & Italy & place: Naples Civil engineer Benedetto Albano was born about 1796 in Naples. Whilst studying architecture in his home town, he became associated with the 1820 -1889 - Laystall Street (Clerkenwell) Child Abuse & Law & Music & Italy & place: Parma Padrone Luigi Rabbiotti was born in 1810 in Parma. The year of his arrival in London is not known, but he is recorded in the 1841 census as a Next page