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Animal Trade

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1790-1814 - Strand (Covent Garden) Animal Trade & Entertainment & Painting & Italy & place: Moltrasio Showman and menagerie keeper Stephano [Stephen] Polito was born in 1763/4 at Moltrasio on Lake Como. In the early 1790s he specialised in the 1723-1776 - Northumberland Court (Charing Cross) Animal Trade & Medicine & Royalty & Swiss Physician Nathaniel St André was born around 1680 in Switzerland. He came to London at a young age (the exact date is not known) and trained as a 1800-1849 - Newman Street (Fitzrovia) Animal Trade & Huguenots & Painting & Printsellers & Royalty & Swiss & place: Geneva Painter Jacques-Laurent Agasse was born on 24 March 1767 at Geneva. His family were merchants of Huguenot descent. The youngster showed an interest