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1750-1802 - Carlisle Street (Soho) Arms & Royalty & Italy & place: Livorno Fencing master Domenico Angelo was born Angelo Domenico Malevolti Tremamondo in Livorno in 1717. His father was a wealthy merchant. Angelo received 1567-1587 - Blackfriars Lane (Blackfriars) Arms & Italy & place: Venice Fencing master Rocco Bonetti had been a Captain in the service of Venice where he learned his skills in swordplay. He came to London in 1569 and 1588-1599 - Blackfriars Lane (Blackfriars) Arms & Translations & Italy & place: Padova Swordsman and fencing master Vincentio Saviolo was born in Padua (details are lacking). He may have travelled in Europe before arriving in England.