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Artists’ Models

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187?-1915 - Leather Lane (Holborn) Artists’ Models & Painting & Sculpture Artists’ model Gaetano Valvona was born in 1857 into a family of shepherds. He arrived in London at some time in the 1870s still wearing the 1865 -1916 - Masboro Road West (Hammersmith) Artists’ Models & Painting & Photography & Sculpture & Italy & place: Picinisco Artists’ model Angelo Colarossi was born in 1838 in the Abruzzo village of Picinisco. Arriving in England in the mid-1860s, he settled in the 1867- 1919 - Bond Street (Mayfair) Artists’ Models & Painting & Italy Artists’ model Alessandro di Marco moved to London from Piedmont in 1867 and found work as an organ grinder. His androgynous features made him an 1866-1925 - Downhire Hill (Hampstead) Artists’ Models & Mosaics & Painting & Italy & place: Laurenzana Painter, mosaicist, and artist model Gaetano Meo was born in 1850 in Laurenzana, Basilicata, the son of a shepherd. He had walked from Basilicata,