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Coffee Houses

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1693-onwards - St James’s Street (Westminster) Clubs & Coffee Houses & Gambling & Politics & Italy White’s at no. 37 St James’s Street is London’s oldest and most exclusive gentleman’s club which was established in 1693 at no. 4 Chesterfield 1738-onwards - Cockspur Street (Westminster) Coffee Houses & Music & Philanthropy & Royalty & Italy The Prince of Orange Coffee House was located near the King’s Theatre at the junction of Cockspur Street and the Haymarket. During the 1728-1783 - Charles Street (Covent Garden) Coffee Houses & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Verona Cellist Giacobbe Cervetto was born Giacobbe Basevi in Verona in 1690 (not 1682 as is often suggested) of Jewish parents. He adopted the name