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1456-1457 - Broad Street (Soho) Trade & Commerce & Xenophobia & Italy & Place: Piancenza Merchant Alexander Palestrelli [Plaustrell] was born in Piacenza. By the mid-fifteenth century he had moved to London and was living in Broad 1513-1549 - Bishopsgate Street (City of London) Banking & Finance & Church History & Trade & Commerce & Wool & Textiles & Italy & place: Lucca Merchant and banker Antonio Buonvisi was born around 1470/5. He belonged to an ancient family of Lucca. His parents may have settled in England 1444-1454 - Lombard Street (City of London) Academies & Universities & Banking & Finance & Collections & Trade & Commerce & Wool & Textiles & Italy & place: Florence Merchant and banker Jacopo Salviati was born in 1417 in Florence, the third son of Alamanno Salviati, a prominent banker and politician. The family 1370-1400 - Not traced Trade & Commerce & Italy & place: Lucca Merchant Bartholomew Bosan was a native of Lucca who had established a business in London by the early 1370s, trading to Bruges which was a common 1436-1439 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Finance & Trade & Commerce & Italy & place: San Miniato The powerful Borromeo family were merchants at San Miniato on the main trade route between Florence and Pisa around 1300. After a failed rebellion 1335-1345 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Finance & Trade & Commerce & Wool & Textiles & Italy & place: Florence The Florentine merchant-bank of Peruzzi came to prominence around 1275. Run by family members, it soon became one of Europe’s most efficient money 1306-1334 - Not traced Banking & Finance & Trade & Commerce & Italy & place: Genua Financier Antonio Pessagno was born around 1280 in Genoa. He married into the city’s powerful Fieschi merchant family. By 1306/7, he had settled in 1300-1345 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Finance & Trade & Commerce & Italy & place: Genua Members of the Bache family descended from Genoa, before setting up as merchants in London’s Lombard Street. For several decades two dealers, both 1317-1321 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Finance & Trade & Commerce & Italy & place: Florence Merchant and author Francesco di Balducci Pegolotti was born around 1280 into a Florentine family. He worked for the Compagnia dei Bardi, one of the