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1835-1846 - Strand (Covent Garden) Crime & Military & Italy & place: Florence Forger Count [Rinaldo] Ottavio degli Albizzi was born in 1804 in Florence. A cavalry officer in the army of Charles X of France, he was wounded in 1878-1905 - Windmill Street (Fitzrovia) Crime & Law & Periodicals & Pubs & Radicalism & Italy & place: Vittorio Veneto The failed attempt to kill King Umberto I by Giovanni Passanante on 17 November 1878 led to a ferocious repression of anarchist movements and 1848-1868 - Great Russell (Bloomsbury) Collections & Crime & Librarians & Italy & place: Florence Mathematician and book collector Guglielmo Libri was born on 2 January 1802 in Florence. Having studied at the University of Pisa, he was appointed