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1872-1955 - Great Portland Street (Westminster) Architecture & Food & Music Restaurateur Mario Pagani was one of many Ticinesi who left their impoverished canton to find work in London. Nothing is known about his background. 1909-1944 - Woodfield Avenue (Streatham) Food & Hotels & Internment & Spies & Italy & place: Amatrice Restaurant manager Loreto Ottavio Santarelli was born in December 1885 in Amatrice, a small town on the Via Salaria, where his father was a wine 1969-onwards - Charlotte Street (Fitzrovia) Food & Italy & place: Minori Chef and restaurateur Gennaro Contaldo was born on 21 January 1949 in the village of Minori on the Amalfi Coast. Having left Italy in 1969 he 1971-onwards - Wandsworth Road (Lambeth) Food & Italy & place: Padua Chef Silvano Giraldin was born in Padua in 1948. He started his career by enrolling in a catering college in Abano Terme, he trained in hotels in 1973-onwards- Park Walk (Chelsea) Food & Italy & place: Milan Stockbroker and restaurateur Giuliano Lotto was born in 1969 in Milan. He first came to England because his father, then Chief Executive of a big 1897-1929 - Strand (Covent Garden) Clubs & Collections & Food & Politics & Swiss & place: Dongio Restaurateur, theatre owner, and Conservative politician John Maria Gatti was born Giovanni Maria Emilio Gatti on 13 August 1872 in Dongio, in the 1870-1983 - Summers Street (Farringdon) Food & Italy & place: Veserada Deli-owner Luigi Terroni was born in 1853 in the village of Veserada in the mountains above Pontremoli into a family of small farmers. He left home 1820-1833 - Jermyn Street (Soho) Food & Music & Photography & Italy Fishmonger and food importer Clemente [Clement] Bassano was born in 1779 (the family name originates from the Veneto region). It is not known when