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1860-1999 - Regent Street (West End) Glassmakers & Mosaics & Trade & Italy & place: Vicenza Murano’s reputation as a centre for glassmaking was born in 1291 when the Venetian Republic in fear of fire ordered glassmakers to move their 1690-1891 - Fleet Street (City of London) Collections & Glassmakers & Printing & Translations & Italy In August 1668, Charles Colbert arrived in London to become French ambassador to the Court of St James in coach with glass windows. Such ‘glass 1565-1606 - Hart Street (City of London) glassmakers & Jews & Trade & Italy & place: Vercelli Glassmaker Jacob Verzellini was born in Venice in 1522 into a Jewish family. He moved to Vercelli (from where he took his name), located close to 1673-1712 - Strand (Covent Garden) Beverage Industry & Glassmakers & Linguistics & Trade & Italy & place: Genova English glassmaking was of poor quality until entrepreneur George Ravenscroft set up a glass house in the Savoy Palace, Strand, in July 1673. He was 1571-1673 - Strand (Covent Garden) Glassmakers & Jews & Italy & place: Venice The Venetian island of Murano was the centre of European glassmaking, peaking in popularity in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. During the