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1947-1998 - West Heath Drive (Hampstead) Universities & Historians & Literature & Italy & place: Turin Literary historian and linguist Carlo Dionisotti was born on 9 June 1908 in Turin. He received his secondary education at the Jesuit Istituto 1609-1649 - Not traced Historians & Literature & Politics & Diplomacy & Spies & Italy & place: Lesina Author and historian Giovanni Francesco Bondi was born in 1572 at Lesina, an island (now part of Croatia) in the Adriatic Sea. From 1606 to 1609 he 1502-1553 - St Paul’s Churchyard (City of London) Historians & Italy & place: Fermignano Humanist historian Polydore Vergil [Polidoro Virgili] was born around 1470, probably at Fermignano, near Urbino. Having studied at the University of 1545-1599 - Not traced Historians & Royalty & Translations & Italy Illuminator and calligraphist Petruccio Ubaldini was born about 1524 in Tuscany. He was probably an illegitimate child. He started his career as a