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1909-1944 - Woodfield Avenue (Streatham) Food & Hotels & Internment & Spies & Italy & place: Amatrice Restaurant manager Loreto Ottavio Santarelli was born in December 1885 in Amatrice, a small town on the Via Salaria, where his father was a wine 1805-1861 - Leicester Square (Westminster) Clubs & Hotels & Perfumes & Royalty & Italy & place: Positano Hotelier Charles Joseph Pagliano was born in 1798, either in the fishing village of Bergamotto di Positano on the Amalfi coast, or possibly in 1733-1869 - Leicester Square (Westminster) Hotels & Politics & Sculpture & Italy William Hogarth’s success as an artist enabled him to purchase the Golden Head, a house at the south-eastern corner of Leicester Square where he