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1827-1889 - Jermyn Street (Mayfair) Impresarios & Music & Italy Operatic soprano Giacinta Toso [La Toso] was born in 1807 in Piedmont. She received her training at the Milan conservatory. She was performing in 1816-1876 - Jermyn Street (Mayfair) Academies & Impresarios & Music & Italy Horn player and impresario Giovanni Puzzi was born in 1792 in Italy (further details are not known). In his early youth took up the cornet à pistons 1759-1797 - Soho Square (Soho) Impresarios & Music & Salons & Italy & place: Venice Singer, salonnière, and impresario Teresa Cornelys [also known as Mrs Pompeati, Mrs Trenti, and Mrs Cornelys] was born Anna-Maria Teresa Imer in 1757-1805 - Hanover Square (Mayfair) Dance & Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Florence Dancer and theatre manager Giovanni Andrea Battista [John Andrew] Gallini was born in Florence on 7 January 1728. He was trained in Paris and moved 1754-1763 - Haymarket (Westminster) Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Naples Soprano Regina Mingotti was born Regina Valentini in Naples on 6 February 1722. The daughter of an Austrian officer, she was educated at an Ursuline 1739-1760 - Haymarket (Westminster) Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Florence Opera manager and librettist Francesco Vanneschi was active in Florence in 1732 (further details are missing) when he wrote Enrico, later re-set 1739-1745 - Haymarket (Westminster) Impresarios & Music & Italy Charles Sackville, Earl of Middlesex, made his first Grand Tour from 1731 to 1733 and four years later he took further trips to the Continent. On 1729-1815 - Haymarket (Westminster) Entertainment & Impresarios & Salons & Sex & Italy & place: Venice British Grand Tourists brought back a passionate love of all aspects of Italian culture. When Vauxhall Gardens opened to the paying public in 1729,