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Instrument Making

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1860-1880 - Little Saffron Hill (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Music & Trade & Italy & place: Paris Barrel-organ manufacturer Giuseppe Chiappa was born in 1828. He served an apprenticeship in Paris under the famous mechanical organ manufacturer 1831-1872 - Portsea Place (Bayswater) Instrument Making & Music & Italy & place: Genoa Guitarist and concertina player Giulio Regondi was born in Genoa in 1822. The details of his parentage are unclear, but it appears that he had a 1830-1883 - Charles Street (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Trade & Italy & place: Como Instrument maker Francis Augustus Pizzala was born about 1813 in Como. He moved to London in 1830. From 1840 to 1846 he ran his business as a maker 1830-1879 - Hatton Gardens (Camden) Instrument Making & Royalty & Trade & Italy & place: Como Maker of scientific instruments Enrico [Henry] Angelo Ludovico Negretti was born on 13 November 1818 in Como. His father operated a horse-drawn 1819-1854 - High Street (Bloomsbury) Instrument Making & Music & Italy & place: Paris Guitar maker Louis Panormo was born in Paris in 1784, the son of an Italian luthier. He moved to London in 1819 and set up a workshop at no. 31 High 1799-1897 - Hatton Garden (Camden) Instrument Making & Trade & Italy & place: Como In 1799 instrument maker Caesar Tagliabue who originated from the Como area established a company in Holborn. Before the end of 1820 he had moved to 1780-1820 - High Holborn (Holborn) Instrument Making & Trade & Italy Instrument maker and barometer engraver Joseph Somalvico settled in London around 1780 working from no. 87 Holborn as a high quality barometer 1785-1839 - Pall Mall (Westminster) Instrument Making & Printing & Royalty & Trade & Italy & place: Verona Flautist, publisher, and instrument-maker Tebaldo Monzani was born in 1762 in Verona. Having moved to London in 1785, he appeared as first flute at 1767-1788 - Haymarket (Westminster) Instrument Making & Printsellers & Pyrotechnics & Italy Pyrotechnician Giovanni Battista Torre was born in 1760 (details are lacking). Having studied under the Franco-Italian theatre designer Giovanni 1780-1981 - High Holborn (Holborn) Instrument Making & Trade & Italy & Place: Como Lake Como was part of the Grand Tour and the scientific skills of local instrument makers were communicated in writings of travellers to the region. 1780-1819 - High Holborn (Holborn) Instrument Making & Science & Italy & place: Tavernerio Instrument maker John Merry Ronketti was born Giovanni Maria Ronchetti, in the village of Tavernerio, close to Como. Having settled in Holborn in 1767-onwards - New Bond Street (Westminster) Galleries & Instrument Making & Printsellers & Italy P & D Colnaghi & Co is an art dealership in New Bond Street which claims to be the oldest commercial art gallery in the world, having been 1702-1705 - Strand (Covent Garden) Instrument Making & Music & Printing & Italy & place: Cremona Virtuoso violinist and composer Gasparo Visconti was born in Cremona in January 1683 into a noble family 1798-1870 - St John Street (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Science & Trade & Swiss Maker of barometers and thermometers Francesco [Francis] Amadio was born in Switzerland (details are lacking). He married his English wife Charlotte 1870-1877 - New Charles Street (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Music & Trade & Italy Barrel-organ manufacturer Chiaro Frati was born around 1844. He served an apprenticeship in Paris under the famous mechanical organ manufacturer 1849-1879 - Great Ormond Street (Holborn) Instrument Making & Librarians & Italy & place: Genoa Inventor, bibliographer, and librarian Andrea Crestadoro was born in Genoa in 1808. He studied philosophy at the University of Turin. At the same 1841-1898 - Queen Square Societies & Medicine & Philanthropy & Instrument Making & Trade & Italy & place: Lecco Giovanni Battista Ortelli was born in 1830 at Lecco in Lombardy. He arrived in England with his parents in 1841/2. At the time of the 1851 census he 1772-1813 - Little Newport Street (Soho) Instrument Making & Music & Trade & Italy & place: Palermo Violin maker Vincenzo Panormo was born Vincenzo Trusiano around 1734 in Palermo. He changed his surname (Panormo is the Latin form of Palermo) after 1531-1630 - Mark Lane (City of London) Instrument Making & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Venezia Between 1531 and 1539 five Bassano brothers from Venice settled London without the Doge’s permission. The family stemmed from Bassano Del Grappa and