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1860-1914 - Frith Street (Soho) Jewellers & archeology & Italy & place: Naples Founded by Fortunato Pio Castellani in the early nineteenth century, the Castellani firm of jewellers was based near the Spanish Steps in Rome. 1816-1847 - Oxford Street (Westminster) Jewellers & Painting & Italy Jeweller and silversmith Carlo [Charles] Danieli was born in Italy (details are lacking) around 1790. He was recorded trading in Oxford Street in 1900-1904 - Hanway Street (Fitzrovia) Internment & Jewellers & Swiss & place: Lucerne Jeweller and art metal worker Josef [Joseph] Anton Hodel was born in 1874 in Lucerne. He may have received training at the Lucerne School of Arts 1876-1903 - Howland Street (Fitzrovia) Jewellers & Silver & Trade & Italy & place: Naples Jeweller Federico Raimondo Giuliano was born around 1830 in Naples, the younger brother of the more famous Carlo Giuliano. Like his brother he