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1865-1873 - Haymarket (Westminster) Actors & Jews & Music & Italy & place: London Actress and singer Selina Dolaro was born Selina Simmonds on 20 August 1849 in London into a Jewish family. Her father was a violinist and conductor 1836-1859 - Portsdown Road (Kensington) Jews & Printing & Radicalism & Italy & place: Pesaro Supporter of Italian independence Sarina Nathan was born Sarina Levi on 7 December 1819 at Pesaro on the Adriatic coast into a Jewish merchant 1829-1884 - Eccleston Square (Belgravia) Societies & Dance & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Naples Conductor and composer Michael Costa was born Michele Andrea Agniello Costa in Naples on 4 February 1808, the son of Pasquale Costa. The family was 1803-1885 - Lauderdale Road (Maida Vale) Banking & Education & Jews & Italy & place: Livorno Financier and Jewish community leader Moses Haim Montefiore was born in Livorno on 24 October 1784 into a Jewish family. On his father’s side 1804-1828 - Heneage Lane (City of London) Jews & Italy & place: Livorno Rabbi Raphael Meldola was born in 1754 in Livorno, the son of a Professor of Oriental Languages at the University of Paris. He came from a line of 1770-1838 - Broadway (Westminster) Jews & Music & Italy Mezzo-soprano Maria Theresa Bland was born in 1769 of Italian-Jewish parents named Romanzini, who settled in London soon after her birth. As a child 1762-1808 - Bedford Row (Holborn) Jews & Politics & Italy & place: Verona Merchant and community leader Naphtali [Nathan] Basevi was born in Verona in 1738 into a Sephardi Jewish family. He moved to London in 1762 where he 1939-1994 - Franklin’s Row (Chelsea) Cinema & Internment & Jews & Italy & place: Milan Film producer Giuseppe [Joseph] Janni was born on 21 May 1916 in Milan into a cosmopolitan Jewish family. His paternal grandfather was Chairman of 1742-1805 - Elystan Place (Chelsea) Entertainment & Gardens & Jews & Music & Italy In the course of the eighteenth century in England witnessed the flourishing of the ‘tea garden’. Designed for entertainment, it contained a 1740-1816 - Great St Helens (Bishopsgate) Banking & Hatters & Jews & Trade & Italy & place: Ferrara Merchant and financier Benjamin D’Israeli, grandfather of Prime Minister D’Israeli, was born in Cento near Ferrara on 22 September 1730. He moved to 1728-1783 - Charles Street (Covent Garden) Coffee Houses & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Verona Cellist Giacobbe Cervetto was born Giacobbe Basevi in Verona in 1690 (not 1682 as is often suggested) of Jewish parents. He adopted the name 1965-2009 - Not traced (Willesden) Jews & Music & Italy & place: Naples Pianist and teacher Maria Curcio born 27 August 1919 in Naples, the daughter of an Italian businessman and a Brazilian mother, a pianist in her own 1968-1999 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Internment & Jews & Medicine & Italy & place: Pisa Geneticist Guido Pontecorvo was born on 29 November 1907 in Pisa into a non-observant Jewish family. He studied in the faculty of agriculture of the 1565-1606 - Hart Street (City of London) glassmakers & Jews & Trade & Italy & place: Vercelli Glassmaker Jacob Verzellini was born in Venice in 1522 into a Jewish family. He moved to Vercelli (from where he took his name), located close to 1571-1673 - Strand (Covent Garden) Glassmakers & Jews & Italy & place: Venice The Venetian island of Murano was the centre of European glassmaking, peaking in popularity in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. During the 1540-1591 - Palace of Westminster (Westminster) Jews & Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Milano String player and composer Ambrosio [Ambrose] Lupo was born in the first half of the sixteenth century, probably in Milan. His family members were 1701-1728 - Heneage Lane (City of London) Jews & Medicine & Philosophy & Science & Italy & place: Venice Rabbi and scholar David Nieto was born on 18 January 1654 in Venice. He studied medicine in Padua, and then worked as a preacher and physician in 1713-1784 - Brydges Street (Covent Garden) Actors & Coffee and Tea Houses & Jews & Music & Pubs & Italy & place: Mantua Innkeeper Isaac [Issachar] Norsa was a Jew from Mantua who, in 1717, was living in Brydges Street, Covent Garden, where he co-owned the Green 1866-1879 - Heneage Lane (City of London) Jews & Italy & place: Asti Rabbi Benjamin Artom was born in 1835 in Asti, Piedmont. He became the first to hold the post of rabbi of Naples. In 1866 he accepted a call to 1290-1490 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Jews & Italy & place: Florence The first London goldsmiths were Jewish. They also acted as bankers and moneylenders, but medieval attitudes to usury were disapproving. In 1275, 1794-1805 - Pall Mall (City of London) Jews & Literature & Music & Italy & place: Ceneda Poet, priest, and librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte was born Emanuele Conegliano on 10 March 1749 at Lorenzo Da Ponte in Ceneda, Veneto region, into a 1531-1630 - Mark Lane (City of London) Instrument Making & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Venezia Between 1531 and 1539 five Bassano brothers from Venice settled London without the Doge’s permission. The family stemmed from Bassano Del Grappa and