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1872-1906 - Upper Cheyne Row (Chelsea) Law & Radicalism & Sculpture Sculptor Angelo Castioni was born in 1834 in Stabio in canton of Ticino. He took refuge in London in 1872 having been involved in the Paris Commune 1820 -1889 - Laystall Street (Clerkenwell) Child Abuse & Law & Music & Italy & place: Parma Padrone Luigi Rabbiotti was born in 1810 in Parma. The year of his arrival in London is not known, but he is recorded in the 1841 census as a 1820 - Montague House (Blackheath) Law & Royalty & Xenophobia & Italy In 1795, George, Prince of Wales, married Caroline of Brunswick. Nine months later Caroline gave birth to Princess Charlotte, but shortly after the 1580-1608 - Gray’s Inn (Holborn) Academies & Clubs & Law & Italy & place: San Ginesio Jurist Alberico Gentili was born 14 January 1552 at San Ginesio in the Marche region. He studied law at the University of Perugia. In 1579 he was 1878-1905 - Windmill Street (Fitzrovia) Crime & Law & Periodicals & Pubs & Radicalism & Italy & place: Vittorio Veneto The failed attempt to kill King Umberto I by Giovanni Passanante on 17 November 1878 led to a ferocious repression of anarchist movements and 1853-1867 - Radnor Street (Chelsea) Education & Law & Radicalism & Italy & place: Forli Republican politician [Marco] Aurelio Saffi was born on 13 August 1819 in Forli then part of the Papal States (now: Emilia Romagna). He received an