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1789-1806 - Not traced Education & Linguistics & Italy & place: Siena Linguist Antonio Montucci was born on 22 May 1762 in Sienna. His father was an architect and engineer; his mother the painter Marianna Buonfigli. 1795-1799 - Hanover Square (Mayfair) Booksellers & Journalism & Linguistics & Periodicals & Printing & Italy & place: Palazzolo Newspaper publisher Giovanni Antonio Galignani was born in 1757 in Palazzolo, near Brescia. His name was probably derived from the village of 1847-1902 - Woburn Square (Bloomsbury) Academies & Linguistics & Librarians & Orientalism & Swiss & place: Geneva Orientalist Charles-Pierre-Henri Rieu was born at Geneva on 8 June 1820. He studied philosophy and science at the Académie de Genève, proceeding to 1751-1789 - Streatham Park (Wandsworth) Clubs & Linguistics & Literature & Italy & place: Turin Author Giuseppe Marc’Antonio Baretti was born in Turin on 24 April 1719. Having spent two years in Venice, Baretti moved to Milan in 1740 where he 1673-1712 - Strand (Covent Garden) Beverage Industry & Glassmakers & Linguistics & Trade & Italy & place: Genova English glassmaking was of poor quality until entrepreneur George Ravenscroft set up a glass house in the Savoy Palace, Strand, in July 1673. He was 1490-1681 - Richmond Palace (Richmond) Linguistics & Politics & Royalty & Italy & Place: Rome The role of Latin Secretary to the King was established under Henry VII. Since Latin was the language of European diplomatic and scholarly 1662-onwards - The Piazza (Covent Garden) Entertainment & Linguistics & Pubs & Polari The Punch and Judy show has its roots in the sixteenth-century Italian commedia dell’arte. The figure of Punch derives from the Neapolitan stock 1481-1527 - Richmond Palace (Richmond) Linguistics & Royalty & Italy & place: Valle Sabia Poet Pietro Carmeliano [Petrus Carmelianus, Peter Carmelian] was born around 1451 in Valle Sabbia near Brescia. He was schooled in the ‘studia