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1815-1829 - Not traced Medicine & Periodicals & Science & Italy Physician Bartolomeo de Sanctis (details of his birth or background are lacking) was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Rome until 1813 1806-1872 - Savile Row (Mayfair) Collections & Egyptology & Medicine & Periodicals & Politics & Italy & place: Milan Physician Augustus Bozzi Granville was born Agostino Bozzi in Milan on 7 October 1783 (Granville was the name of his Cornish grandfather on his 1790-1821 - Great Pulteney Street (Soho) Literature & Medicine & Suicide & Translations & Italy & place: Bientina Writer and scholar Gaetano Polidori was the son of a physician who lived and practised in Bientina, near Pisa. Having finished his studies at the 1765-1782 - Cheyne Walk (Chelsea) Medicine & Italy Nothing is known of the background of Italian quack Bartholomew Dominicetti. He was a successful medical practitioner with a shrewd sense of 1679-1885 - Roman Bath Street (City of London) Medicine & Romans & Sex & Italy In 1679 London’s first warm bath was built after the Turkish fashion, lined and floored with luxurious marble. It was located at Pentecost (Pincock) 1968-1999 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Internment & Jews & Medicine & Italy & place: Pisa Geneticist Guido Pontecorvo was born on 29 November 1907 in Pisa into a non-observant Jewish family. He studied in the faculty of agriculture of the 1723-1776 - Northumberland Court (Charing Cross) Animal Trade & Medicine & Royalty & Swiss Physician Nathaniel St André was born around 1680 in Switzerland. He came to London at a young age (the exact date is not known) and trained as a 1550-1569 - St Helen’s (Bishopsgate) Medicine & Royalty & Italy & place: Treviso Physician Cesare Adelmare or Caesar Dadelmare [Caesar à Dalmariis] was born in Treviso (the date of his birth is not known) in the Republic of 1562-1581 - Wood Street (City of London) Medicine & Royalty & Italy & place: Urbino Physician Giulio Borgarucci [known as Dr Julio] came from Urbino (date of birth is not known). He arrived in London as a Protestant refugee, and was 1598-1651 - St Mary Magdalen (Southwark) Church History & Medicine & Royalty & Italy & place: Geneva Physician Theodore Diodati was born in Geneva on 23 August 1573. His was father was a merchant banker of Lucca, where the family had been prominent 1701-1728 - Heneage Lane (City of London) Jews & Medicine & Philosophy & Science & Italy & place: Venice Rabbi and scholar David Nieto was born on 18 January 1654 in Venice. He studied medicine in Padua, and then worked as a preacher and physician in 1515-1557 - St Helens (Bishopsgate) Medicine & Royalty & Italy Physician Balthasar Guersie was born in Italy (place and date are not known). Having been surgeon to Queen Catharine of Aragon around 1515, he was 1841-1898 - Queen Square Societies & Medicine & Philanthropy & Instrument Making & Trade & Italy & place: Lecco Giovanni Battista Ortelli was born in 1830 at Lecco in Lombardy. He arrived in England with his parents in 1841/2. At the time of the 1851 census he 1631-1675 - St Paul’s (Covent Garden) Huguenots & Medicine & Politics & Royalty & Swiss & place: Geneva Physician Jean [John] Colladon was born on 19 March 1608 in Geneva. His father Esaïe Colladon was Professor of Philosophy at the Geneva Academy; his