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1860-1999 - Regent Street (West End) Glassmakers & Mosaics & Trade & Italy & place: Vicenza Murano’s reputation as a centre for glassmaking was born in 1291 when the Venetian Republic in fear of fire ordered glassmakers to move their 1866-1925 - Downhire Hill (Hampstead) Artists’ Models & Mosaics & Painting & Italy & place: Laurenzana Painter, mosaicist, and artist model Gaetano Meo was born in 1850 in Laurenzana, Basilicata, the son of a shepherd. He had walked from Basilicata, 1245-1268 - Westminster Abbey (Westminster) Architecture & Church History & Mosaics & Italy & place: Rome In the 1040s King Edward established his Royal Palace by the banks of the Thames. Nearby was a Benedictine monastery which was rebuilt as a large 100-200 - Leadenhall Street (City of London) Collections & Mosaics & Romans & Italy & place: Rome The Leadenhall Street (Roman) Mosaic was discovered during building work on the premises of the East India Company in Leadenhall Street, City of