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1872-1883 - Drury Lane (Covent Garden) Music Operatic tenor Italo Campanini was born on 30 June 1845 in Parma. As a young man, he served in Garibaldi’s army and it was at the military base, 1872-1955 - Great Portland Street (Westminster) Architecture & Food & Music Restaurateur Mario Pagani was one of many Ticinesi who left their impoverished canton to find work in London. Nothing is known about his background. 1865-1873 - Haymarket (Westminster) Actors & Jews & Music & Italy & place: London Actress and singer Selina Dolaro was born Selina Simmonds on 20 August 1849 in London into a Jewish family. Her father was a violinist and conductor 1868-1896 - Finchley Road (Hampstead) Music & Italy & place: Turin Operatic contralto Sofia Scalchi was born on 29 November 1850 in Turin. She studied singing with Augusta Boccabadati and made her stage debut in 1860-1919 - Clapham Park (Lambeth) Music & Italy & place: Madrid Singer Adelina Patti was born on 19 February 1843 in Madrid into a family of Sicilian musicians. Trained chiefly by her stepbrother Ettore Barili, a 1860-1880 - Little Saffron Hill (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Music & Trade & Italy & place: Paris Barrel-organ manufacturer Giuseppe Chiappa was born in 1828. He served an apprenticeship in Paris under the famous mechanical organ manufacturer 1835-1851 - Drury Lane (Covent Garden) Music & Italy & place: Naples Componist, singer, and teacher Gioseffo Catrufo was born on 19 April 1771 in Naples. He studied at the conservatory of La Pietà dei Turchini in 1839-1878 - Mulgrave House (Fulham) Music & Radicalism & Italy & place: Cagliari Tenor Giovanni Mario was born Giovanni Matteo De Candia on 17 October 1810 in Cagliari, Sardinia, into family belonging to the Savoyard aristocracy. 1839-1869 - Mulgrave House (Fulham) Music & Italy & place: Milan Soprano Giulia Grisi was born on 22 May 1811 in Milan, the daughter of an Italian officer in Napoleon’s army. Her maternal aunt was the opera singer 1835-1879 - Hyde Park Gate (Kensington) Music & Italy & place: Naples Tenor Giacinto Marras was born on 6 July 1810 at Naples. In 1820 he entered the preparatory school of the 1832-1862 - Gloucester Road (Kensington) Universities & Poetry & Music & Radicalism & Italy & place: Bologna Politician and poet Count Carlo Pepoli was born in Bologna on 22 July 1796. He descended from an aristocratic family. Members of the Pepoli dynasty 1832-1843 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Faenza Operatic baritone Antonio Tamburini was born in Faenza on 28 March 1800. He studied with Aldobrando Rossi, before making his debut as a singer at 1831-1875 - Knightrider Street (City of London) Music & Pubs & Italy Violinist Joseph Dando was born on 11 May 1806 at London’s Somers Town. Nothing is known of his parents, but he was most likely of Italian descent. 1831-1872 - Portsea Place (Bayswater) Instrument Making & Music & Italy & place: Genoa Guitarist and concertina player Giulio Regondi was born in Genoa in 1822. The details of his parentage are unclear, but it appears that he had a 1830-1855 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Naples Singer Luigi Lablache was born at Naples on 6 December 1795. In 1806 he entered the Conservatorio della Pietà dei Turchini and in 1812 he was 1829-1884 - Eccleston Square (Belgravia) Societies & Dance & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Naples Conductor and composer Michael Costa was born Michele Andrea Agniello Costa in Naples on 4 February 1808, the son of Pasquale Costa. The family was 1827-1889 - Jermyn Street (Mayfair) Impresarios & Music & Italy Operatic soprano Giacinta Toso [La Toso] was born in 1807 in Piedmont. She received her training at the Milan conservatory. She was performing in 1823-1828 - Haymarket (Westminster) Academies & Music & Italy & place: Naples Opera composer Carlo Coccia was born in Naples on 14 April 1782. He studied in his native city with Pietro Casella and Giovanni Paisiello, who 1822-1838 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Lugo de Romagna Operatic bass singer Giuseppe de Begnis was born in 1793 in Lugo de Romagna, the same place where Rossini lived between 1802 and 1804. Having 1822-1825 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Naples Soprano Giuseppina Ronzi was born in Milan on 11 January 1800, the daughter of Gaspare Ronzi, a famous dancer and choreographer. Her mother was a 1820 -1889 - Laystall Street (Clerkenwell) Child Abuse & Law & Music & Italy & place: Parma Padrone Luigi Rabbiotti was born in 1810 in Parma. The year of his arrival in London is not known, but he is recorded in the 1841 census as a 1819-1854 - High Street (Bloomsbury) Instrument Making & Music & Italy & place: Paris Guitar maker Louis Panormo was born in Paris in 1784, the son of an Italian luthier. He moved to London in 1819 and set up a workshop at no. 31 High 1817-1856 - Upper Norton Street (Marylebone) Academies & Music & Italy Operatic singer and teacher Domenico Crivelli [Signor Crivelli] was born in 1793/1796 in Lombardy. He came to England in 1817 with his father 1813-1839 - Bond Street (Mayfair) Academies & Music & Printing & Italy Violinist and child prodigy Nicolas Mori was born on 24 January 1796, the son of a wig maker. In 1808 he became a pupil of Giovanni Battista Viotti 1806-1818 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Bologna Bass Giuseppe Naldi was born on 2 February 1770 in Bologna. After making his debut in Milan in 1789, he appeared throughout Italy and spent three 1802-1834 - Newman Street (Fitzrovia) Societies & Music & Italy & place: Cremona Violinist Paolo Ludovico della Diana was born in Cremona in 1768. A child prodigy, he received his early 1794-1846 - Leicester Square (Westminster) Collections & Music & Italy & place: Venice Composer and double bass player Domenico Dragonetti was born on 7 April 1763 in Venice. There he studied with Michele Berini and joined the 1792-1859 - Newman Street (Fitzrovia) Education & Music & Italy & place: Naples Music teacher Gesualdo Lanza was born in 1779 in Naples. He was trained by his father Giuseppe, a composer who, from 1792 onwards, was private 1792-1842 - Great Pulteney Street (Soho) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Rovereto Composer and singing teacher Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari was born on 2 April 1763 in Rovereto Tirol, the son of a silk merchant. He studied 1792-1824 - Wells Street (Westminster) Academies & Clubs & Music & Radicalism & Italy & place: Fontanetto da Po Violinist and composer Giovanni Battista Viotti was born in Fontanetto da Po, Piedmont, on 12 May 1755. He studied with Gaetano Pugnani, the 1790-1829 - Not traced Collections & Music & Italy Oboist and composer Gaetano Brandi was born in 1728. Little is known about his background or education. He was in London by 1790 when he married 1822-1865 - Surbiton Hill Road (Kingston) Music & Italy & place: Milan Soprano Rosalbina Caradori was born in 1800 in Milan. Her father, Baron de Munck, an Alsatian-born colonel in the French army, died young. She 1811-onwards - Dean Street (Soho) Clubs & Confectioners & Music & Printing & Italy Pastry cook Giuseppe Novello was of Piedmontese origins. Having arrived in London in August 1771, he set up his own confectioner’s business having 1806-1813 - Haymarket (Westminster) Entertainment & Music & Xenophopbia & Italy & place: Senigallia Soprano Angelica Catalani was born on 10 May 1780 in Senigallia, Ancona. At the age of twelve she was sent to the convent of Santa Lucia at Gubbio, 1790-1825 - Dean Street (Soho) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Rome Composer, music publisher, and teacher Domenico Corri was born in Rome on 4 October 1746, the son of a confectioner. He studied violin and 1788-1823 - Not traced music & Italy & place: Brunswick Violinist, viola player, and composer Federigo Fiorillo was born on 1 June 1755 in Brunswick, son of the Neapolitan composer Ignazio Fiorillo. His 1816-1876 - Jermyn Street (Mayfair) Academies & Impresarios & Music & Italy Horn player and impresario Giovanni Puzzi was born in 1792 in Italy (further details are not known). In his early youth took up the cornet à pistons 1799-1809 - Princes Street (Mayfair) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Rome Francesco Cianchettini was born in Rome in 1765/6. He was in London by 1799 where he married Bohemia-born singer Veronika Dussek, sister of the 1778-1791 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Xenophobia & Italy & place: Fabriano Mezzo-soprano castrato Gaspare Pacchierotti was born on 21 May 1740 in Fabriano, Marche. Details of his early life are scarce. He made his debut in 1776-1795 - Streatham Park (Wandsworth) Music & Italy & place: Quinzano d’Oglio Tenor and composer Gabriele Mario Piozzi was born on 8 June 1740 in Quinzano d’Oglio, Brescia. The family later moved to Venice. Having started his 1774-1814 - Mount Street (Mayfair) music & Italy & place: Florence Opera singer Giovanna Sestini was born in 1748/9 in Florence. Little is known about her early years. Between 1763 and 1766 Giovanna she sang in 1791-1895 - Pall Mall (Westminster) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Venice Composer, singer, violinist, and music publisher Giambattista Cimador was born Giovanni Battista Cimadoro in 1761 in Venice into a noble family. 1770-1838 - Broadway (Westminster) Jews & Music & Italy Mezzo-soprano Maria Theresa Bland was born in 1769 of Italian-Jewish parents named Romanzini, who settled in London soon after her birth. As a child 1763-1776 - Gerrard Street (Soho) Music & Italy & place: Naples Composer and harpsichordist Mattia [Mathias] Vento was born in Naples in 1735. He studied at the Conservatory of 1782-1786 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Taggia Composer Pasquale Anfossi was born on 5 April 1727 in Taggia, Liguria. Having studied violin at the Loreto Conservatorium in Naples, he turned to 1759-1797 - Soho Square (Soho) Impresarios & Music & Salons & Italy & place: Venice Singer, salonnière, and impresario Teresa Cornelys [also known as Mrs Pompeati, Mrs Trenti, and Mrs Cornelys] was born Anna-Maria Teresa Imer in 1818-1881 - Strand (Covent Garden) Poetry & Music & Sex & Italy & place: Venice The Savoy Theatre on the Strand was opened on 10 October 1881. On 7 December 1889 the theatre premiered The 1757-1805 - Hanover Square (Mayfair) Dance & Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Florence Dancer and theatre manager Giovanni Andrea Battista [John Andrew] Gallini was born in Florence on 7 January 1728. He was trained in Paris and moved 1757-1782 - Haymarket (Westminster) Clubs & Music & Italy Composer and violinist and composer Giovanni Battista Noferi was born around 1730 in Italy (further details are lacking). He was in London by 1757 1764-1821 - Warwick Street (Soho) Academies & Clubs & Engravers & Music & Printing & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Engraver and art dealer Gaetano Stefano Bartolozzi was born in 1757 in Venice, the son of engraver Francesco Bartolozzi. His father moved the family 1758-1786 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Sex & Italy & place: Siena Singer and composer Giusto Ferdinando Tenducci was born around 1735 in Siena. He received his musical education at the Naples conservatory and made 1755-1778 - Great Pulteney Street (Soho) Music & Italy Virtually nothing is known about Italian-born guitarist Giovanni Battista Marella. His name first appeared in the late 1740s when he was first 1774-1787 - Haymarket (Westminster) Education & Italy & Music & place: Camerino Castrato singer and music teacher Venanzio Rauzzini was born in Camerino in the Roman Apennines on 18 December 1746. He studied in Rome and was 1750-1792 - Panton Street (Soho) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Turin Violinist and composer Felice Giardini was born in Turin on 12 April 1716, the son of a French musician named Jardin. He studied violin in Turin 1771-1809 - Not traced (Islington) Ballooning & Clubs & Music & Painting & Science & Italy & place: Naples Scientist and inventor Tiberius Cavallo was born on 30 March 1749 in Naples, the son of a physician. In 1771 he moved to England. With a keen 1754-1763 - Haymarket (Westminster) Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Naples Soprano Regina Mingotti was born Regina Valentini in Naples on 6 February 1722. The daughter of an Austrian officer, she was educated at an Ursuline 1753-1783 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Naples Composer Tommaso Giordani was born around 1733 probably in or near Naples, the son of librettist Giuseppe Giordani and his wife, Antonia, a singer, 1749-1771 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Lodi Castrato singer Gaetano Guadagni was born at Lodi on 16 February 1728. He joined the cappella of Sant’Antonio in Padua in 1746. His operatic debut 1749 - Green Park (Westminster) Music & Pyrotechnics & Royalty & Italy & place: Florence The War of the Austrian Succession with Britain and the Dutch Republic on one side versus France, Prussia, and Bavaria on the other, ended with the 1748-1750 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Pinerolo Opera impresario Giovanni Francesco [John Francis] Crosa was born in Pinerolo, near Turin (date not known). Having started his career as an 1743-1795 - Poland Street (Soho) Music & Printing & Italy Violinist Francis Pasquali (place and date of birth are unknown) arrived in London from Italy about 1743, following in the footsteps of his elder 1742-1805 - Elystan Place (Chelsea) Entertainment & Gardens & Jews & Music & Italy In the course of the eighteenth century in England witnessed the flourishing of the ‘tea garden’. Designed for entertainment, it contained a 1742-1770 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Milan Operatic soprano Giulia Frasi (date of birth is not known) probably came from Milan, where she was taught by Giuseppe Ferdinando Brivio. Having made 1739-1754 - Not traced Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Naples Composer and cellist Salvatore Lanzetti was born in Naples in 1710. He was a pupil at the Conservatory of Santa Maria di Loreto where he devoted 1736-1745 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy & place: Venice Organist and composer Giovanni Battista Pescetti was born around 1704 in Venice, where he studied under Antonio Lotti. Having spent some time 1736-1739 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy & place: Naples Having sung in three operas at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples, mezzo-soprano Maria Antonia Marchesini was 1733-1750 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Florence Violinist Francesco Maria Veracini was born on 1 February 1690 in Florence. His father was a pharmacist, but his grandfather had been one of the 1733-1737 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy In 1733 a group of aristocrats led by Frederick, Prince of Wales, set up the Opera of the Nobility. The company was created in order to rival the 1730-1740 - Charles Street (Covent Garden) Music & Royalty & Italy The third decade of the eighteenth century marked the breakthrough of the cello in Britain. The residence of Italian cellists in London began in 1729-1739 - Not traced Music & Italy & place: Bologna Contralto Antonia Margherita Merighi was born in Bologna (date not known). She made her career as a virtuosa singer at the court of Princess 1729-1738 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Music & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Bergamo Soprano Anna Maria Strada was born in Bergamo (date not known). Little is known of her early years. She performed in Venice (in Vivaldi’s 1720 opera 1715-1744 - Marylebone High Street (Westminster) Academies & Literature & Music & Royalty & Salons & Translations & Italy & place: Rome Poet and librettist Paolo Antonio Rolli was born in Rome on 13 June 1687. He worked in London from 1720-1725 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Composer Giovanni Porta was born around 1677 probably in Venice where his opera Argippo was premiered in 1717. One of the leading Venetian 1720-1722 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Venice Operatic soprani Maria Maddalena Salvai was born in Florence (date not known). In 1716 she was in the service of the Landgrave of Kassel; she sang 1719-1733 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Modena Composer and cellist Giovanni Bononcini was born on 18 July 1670 in Modena. He studied with his father who was also a composer. A gifted musician, 1716-1740 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Music & Italy & place: Bologna Composer and harpsichordist Pietro Giuseppe Sandoni was born in Bologna on 1 August 1685. A pupil of Giovanni Bononcini, he was taught the 1717-1724 - Not traced Music & Italy & place: Florence Alto castrato singer Gaetano Berenstadt was born in Florence on 7 June 1687 into a German family. His father was timpanist to the Grand Duke of 1716-1728 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Academies & Music & Politics & Royalty & Italy & place: Bologna Baroque composer Attilio Malachia Ariosti was born on 5 November 1666 in Bologna. He became a Servite friar in 1688, but left the order to become a 1714-1772 - Haymarket (Westminster) Societies & Music & Italy & place: Lucca Flautist and composer Francesco Barsanti was born in Lucca in 1690. Little is known about his background. He studied law in Padua, but abandoned it 1715-1729 - Suffolk Street (Soho) Music & Politics & Italy & place: Modena Little is known about the life of Giuseppe Riva apart from a series of letters that have survived. He served as the Modenese diplomatic 1710-1728 - Not traced Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Oboist, cellist, and harpsichordist Giovanni Schiavonetti was born in Venice (date is not known). He was married to the soprano and prima donna 1709-1712 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy Operatic soprano Isabella Girardeau was born Isabella Calliari (according to Charles Burney), but nothing is known of her early life or education. 1702-1705 - Strand (Covent Garden) Instrument Making & Music & Printing & Italy & place: Cremona Virtuoso violinist and composer Gasparo Visconti was born in Cremona in January 1683 into a noble family 1701-1729 - Bow Street (Covent Garden) Academies & Collections & Librarians & Music & Numismatics & Italy & place: Rome Librettist, bibliographer, and numismatist Nicola Francesco Haym was born in Rome on 6 July 1678. Having started his career as a cellist, he arrived 1743-1757 - Haymarket (Westminster) Clubs & Music & Italy & place: Cosenza Musician Nicolò Pasquali was born in 1717/8 in Cosenza, but little is known of his life until he arrived in London about 1743, accompanied by his 1739-1760 - Haymarket (Westminster) Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Florence Opera manager and librettist Francesco Vanneschi was active in Florence in 1732 (further details are missing) when he wrote Enrico, later re-set 1738-onwards - Cockspur Street (Westminster) Coffee Houses & Music & Philanthropy & Royalty & Italy The Prince of Orange Coffee House was located near the King’s Theatre at the junction of Cockspur Street and the Haymarket. During the 1731-1740 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy & place: Venice Bass singer Antonio Montagnana was born in Venice (date not known). Little is known of his early life. His first recorded performance dates from 1728-1783 - Charles Street (Covent Garden) Coffee Houses & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Verona Cellist Giacobbe Cervetto was born Giacobbe Basevi in Verona in 1690 (not 1682 as is often suggested) of Jewish parents. He adopted the name 1719-1725 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy & place: Rome Cellist and composer Filippo Amadei, known as Pippo del Violoncello, was born in Rome around 1665. In his early career he performed in in concerts 1715-1750 - Piccadilly (Westminster) Academies & Clubs & Music & Italy & place: Rome Violinist and composer Pietro Castrucci was born in Rome in 1679. Details of his early life are scarce, but his father was a violinist, and both 1714-1762 - Dufour’s Court (Soho) Freemasonry & Music & Pubs & Royalty & Italy & place: Lucca Composer and violinist Francesco Saverio Geminiani was born on 5 December 1687 in Lucca. Having studied under Corelli amongst other teachers, he 1710-1728 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy Operatic soprano Elisabetta Pilotti was born around 1680 (place of birth is not known). She was married to the Venetian oboist, cellist, and 1702-1746 - Suffolk Street (Soho) Music & Italy Soprano Margherita de L’Epine was born in Italy around 1680. After performing at Venice between 1698 and 1700, she arrived at London in 1702 as the 1674-1700 - Strand (Covent Garden) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Naples Violinist and composer Nicola Matteis described himself as ‘Napolitano’ in several of his works, but nothing is known about his origins or 1965-2009 - Not traced (Willesden) Jews & Music & Italy & place: Naples Pianist and teacher Maria Curcio born 27 August 1919 in Naples, the daughter of an Italian businessman and a Brazilian mother, a pianist in her own 1588-1627 - Aldersgate Street (City of London) Music & Printing & Italy Music printer Thomas East [Este] was born about 1540. He was made a freeman of the Stationers’ Company in December 1565. From 1576 onwards, his name 1746-1770 - Cheapside (City of London) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Napoli Composer, harpsichordist, and teacher Pietro Domenico Paradies [Paradisi] was born in Naples in 1707. A student of Nicola Porpora, he dedicated 1744-1749 - Maids of Honour Row (Richmond) Music & Painting Painter Antonio Joli was born in Modena, where he studied perspective under Raffaello Rinaldi before becoming a pupil of Giovanni Paolo Panini in 1739-1745 - Haymarket (Westminster) Impresarios & Music & Italy Charles Sackville, Earl of Middlesex, made his first Grand Tour from 1731 to 1733 and four years later he took further trips to the Continent. On 1735-1746 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Napoli Cellist and composer Andrea Caporale was probably born and raised in Naples, but nothing is known of him until about 1735, when he went to London to 1733-1741 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Fillotrana Castrato singer Giovanni Carestini was born around 1704 in Filottrana, near Ancona. Taught by Bologna-born castrato Antonio Bernacchi, his singing 1729-1739 - St James’s Square (Westminster) Music & Painting & Xenophobia & Italy & place: Venezia Painter Jacopo Amigoni was born around 1685 in Venice. From 1717 onwards he was recorded working in Bavaria. He moved to London in 1729. As an 1726-1728 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Venezia Mezzo-soprano Faustina Bordoni was born on 30 March 1697 in Venice. Her singing teacher was the composer Michelangelo Gasparini. She made her 1663-1708 - Pall Mall (Westminster) Instru­ment Making & Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Rimini­­ Composer and keyboard player Giovanni Battista Draghi was born around 1640 in Rimini. He became a leading court musician in Vienna. In 1663, Draghi 1540-1591 - Palace of Westminster (Westminster) Jews & Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Milano String player and composer Ambrosio [Ambrose] Lupo was born in the first half of the sixteenth century, probably in Milan. His family members were 1516-1520 - Palace of Westminster (Westminster) Music & Suicide & Italy & place: Venice Organist and choirmaster Dionysius Memmo [Memo] was born in Venice (date not known). A pupil of Paul Hofhaimer in Austria, he was from 1507 until 1512-1536 - Palace of Westminster (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Brescia Several Italian lutenists were present at the court of Henry VIII. The most important was Zuan Piero (better known as Peter de Brescia in English) 1742-1804 - Woods Rents (Chelsea) Music & Italy & place: Cremona Mezzo-soprano Caterina Galli was born in the early 1720s, probably in Cremona, Lombardy. She made her first appearance at Bergamo in spring 1742. 1726-1770 - Holles Street (Westminster) Antiquarians & Collections & Music & Italy & place: Lucca Antiquarian Carlo Gambarini was born in Lucca (date not known) into a noble family. Few details are known about his life or background. He was in 1715-1760 - Piccadilly (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Rome Violonist and composer Prospero Castrucci was born in 1690 in Rome. Details of his early life are scarce, but his father was a violinist in the 1713-1784 - Brydges Street (Covent Garden) Actors & Coffee and Tea Houses & Jews & Music & Pubs & Italy & place: Mantua Innkeeper Isaac [Issachar] Norsa was a Jew from Mantua who, in 1717, was living in Brydges Street, Covent Garden, where he co-owned the Green 1701-1705 - Bloomsbury Square (Bloomsbury) Music & Italyy & place: Loreto Violinist Nicola Cosimi was born in 1667 in Loreto, Ancona. He was a pupil of Arcangelo Corelli and a member of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in 1562-1578 - Nonsuch Palace (Surrey) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Bologna Composer and court musician Alfonso Ferrabosco was born at Bologna in 1543 into a family of musicians. By 1559 he was in the service of Cardinal 1870-1877 - New Charles Street (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Music & Trade & Italy Barrel-organ manufacturer Chiaro Frati was born around 1844. He served an apprenticeship in Paris under the famous mechanical organ manufacturer 1855-1933 - Hardwicke Road (Palmer’s Green) Academies & Clubs & Music & Italy Music administrator Francesco Berger was born on 10 June 1834, the son of a Bavarian mother and an Italian merchant from Trieste. There he studied 1846-1898 - Northwick Terrace (St John’s Wood) Academies & Societies & Music & Italy & place: Bergamo Cellist Alfredo Carlo Piatti was born on 8 January 1822 in Bergamo. His father led the orchestra in Bergamo and at the age of five Piatti began to 1825-1861 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Corridonia Singer Giovanni Battista Velluti, known as Giambattista, was born on 28 January 1780 in Pausula (renamed Corridonia by Benito Mussolini in 1931) in 1820-1833 - Jermyn Street (Soho) Food & Music & Photography & Italy Fishmonger and food importer Clemente [Clement] Bassano was born in 1779 (the family name originates from the Veneto region). It is not known when 1720-1736 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Music & Italy & place: Sienna Castrato singer Senesino was born Francesco Bernardi in 1686 in Sienna, the son of a barber. He started in the Sienna Cathedral choir, made his 1794-1805 - Pall Mall (City of London) Jews & Literature & Music & Italy & place: Ceneda Poet, priest, and librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte was born Emanuele Conegliano on 10 March 1749 at Lorenzo Da Ponte in Ceneda, Veneto region, into a 1772-1813 - Little Newport Street (Soho) Instrument Making & Music & Trade & Italy & place: Palermo Violin maker Vincenzo Panormo was born Vincenzo Trusiano around 1734 in Palermo. He changed his surname (Panormo is the Latin form of Palermo) after 1711-1753 - Not traced Banking & Collections & Music & Politics & Italy & place: Florence Merchant, diplomat, and amateur harpsichordist Giovanni Giacomo Zamboni was born on 26 July 1683 in Florence. He began his career in as a merchant 1531-1630 - Mark Lane (City of London) Instrument Making & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Venezia Between 1531 and 1539 five Bassano brothers from Venice settled London without the Doge’s permission. The family stemmed from Bassano Del Grappa and 1728-1750 - Leicester Square (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Milan Oboist and composer Giuseppe Baldassare Sammartini (nick name: Il Londonese) was born on 6 January 1695 in Milan. He was the son of French oboist