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1867- 1919 - Bond Street (Mayfair) Artists’ Models & Painting & Italy Artists’ model Alessandro di Marco moved to London from Piedmont in 1867 and found work as an organ grinder. His androgynous features made him an 1866-1925 - Downhire Hill (Hampstead) Artists’ Models & Mosaics & Painting & Italy & place: Laurenzana Painter, mosaicist, and artist model Gaetano Meo was born in 1850 in Laurenzana, Basilicata, the son of a shepherd. He had walked from Basilicata, 1865-1914 - Piccadilly Circus (Westminster) Aesthetics & Artist Models & Painting & Sculpture & Sex & Italy The Slade School of Art was established at University College London, Gower Street, in 1870. Its first Professor of Fine Art was Edward Poynter who 1625-1628 - Hampton court Collections & Italy & Painting & Royalty & Sculpture & place: Mantua The Gonzaga family ruled Mantua from 1328 and its members were notable sponsors of art. Mantegna was their court artist and they patronised many 1828-1841 - Dean Street (Soho) Artists’ Materials & Painting & Italy Artist supplier Giovanni Arzone was born in Italy. There are no details about his birth or background, but he was in 1790-1814 - Strand (Covent Garden) Animal Trade & Entertainment & Painting & Italy & place: Moltrasio Showman and menagerie keeper Stephano [Stephen] Polito was born in 1763/4 at Moltrasio on Lake Como. In the early 1790s he specialised in the 1790-1813 - Brompton Road (Knightsbridge) Engravers & Painting & Printing & Italy & place: Bassano del Grappo Print-maker Niccolò [Nicholas] Schiavonetti was born around 1771 in Bassano del Grappo and moved to England in the early 1790s where he joined his 1816-1847 - Oxford Street (Westminster) Jewellers & Painting & Italy Jeweller and silversmith Carlo [Charles] Danieli was born in Italy (details are lacking) around 1790. He was recorded trading in Oxford Street in 1809-1854 - Bedford Square (Bloomsbury) Illustrators & Lithographers & Painting & Malta & place: Valetta Lithographer Maxim Gauci was born Massimo Gauci on 11 February 1774 in Valetta, Malta. He studied painting under Michele Busuttil and attended the 1790-1810 - Brompton Road (Knightsbridge) Engravers & Painting & Printers & Italy & place: Bassano del Grappo Print-maker Luigi [Lewis, Louis] Schiavonetti was born on 1 April 1765 in Bassano del Grappo, Vicenza, the son a paper manufacturer. He was taught 1940-2012 — Kemplay Road (Hampstead) Education & Italy & Painting & place: Beaulieu-sur-Mer Emigrants Painter and teacher Peter Laurent de Francia was born on 25 January 1921 in Beaulieu-sur-Mer 1784-1844 - Haymarket (Westminster) Painting & Theatre & Italy & place: Florence Scene painter Gaetano Marinari was born in Florence (date is not known). He was active in Britain between between 1784 and 1836. He succeeded 1782-1792 - Broad Street (Soho) Art Dealers & Painting & Italy & Place: Naples Picture dealer and restorer Genaro Domizio was born in Naples. Having settled in London in 1782, he came to prominence in the early 1790s as a 1755-1785 - Hedge Lane (Westminster) Academies & Collections & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Florence Decorative painter and draughtsman Giovanni Battista Cipriani was born in Florence in 1727. He first studied painting in Florence under the 1771-1810 - Great Titchfield Street (Westminster) Huguenots & Painting & Translations & Italy & place: Turin Painter John Francis Rigaud was born at Turin on 18 May 1742 into a merchant Huguenot family that had fled France with the revocation of the Edict 1761-1808 - Oxford Street (Westminster) Academies & Painting & Italy & place: Osimo Painter Biagio Rebecca was born in 1734/5 at Osimo in Ancona. He studied at the Accademia di San Luca, Rome, and while there he met Benjamin West, 1770-1786 - Sutton Street (Soho) Painting & Italy & place: Naples Picture restorer Nicolai Biondi was born in Naples (date unknown). He was in London by 1770 and working from Sutton Street, Soho between 1770 and 1766-1781 - John Street (Bloomsbury) Architecture & Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Antonio Zucchi was born in Venice on 1 May 1726, the son of an engraver. His early style developed from Venetian Rococo to Neo-Classicism 1789-1822 - Brownlow Street (Holborn) Artists’ Materials & Painting Colour merchant Sebastiano Grandi was born in Italy. Details of his birth and background are not available, but he was in London by 1789 trading 1771-1809 - Not traced (Islington) Ballooning & Clubs & Music & Painting & Science & Italy & place: Naples Scientist and inventor Tiberius Cavallo was born on 30 March 1749 in Naples, the son of a physician. In 1771 he moved to England. With a keen 1752-1773 - Piccadilly (Westminster) Academies & Collections & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Pitigliano Landscape painter and draughtsman Francesco Zuccarelli was born in 1702 at Pitigliano, Grosseto. He studied in Rome and by 1728 he was active in 1741-1766 - Gerrard Street (Soho) painting & societies & Italy & place: Rome Rococo painter ‘Chevalier’ Andrea Casali was born on 17 November 1705 in Rome. Early in his career he worked as a decorative painter in Roman 1729-1738 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Music & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Bergamo Soprano Anna Maria Strada was born in Bergamo (date not known). Little is known of her early years. She performed in Venice (in Vivaldi’s 1720 opera 1719-1730 - Henrietta Street (Covent Garden) Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Vincenzo Damini was born in Venice towards the end of the seventeenth century. He was a pupil of Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, and 1716-1722 - St James’s Square (Westminster) Painting & Italy & place: Venice Rococo painter Antonio Bellucci was born on 19 February 1654 in Venice. Working in the style of Veronese, he gained his reputation in the 1680s as a 1711-1716 - Piccadilly (Westminster) Painting & Italy & place: Belluno Painter and decorative artist Sebastiano Ricci was born on 1 August 1659 in Belluno in the Veneto region. At the age of fourteen, he left his 1709-1734 - St Paul’s Churchyard (City of London) Painting & Xenophobia & Italy & place: Venice In March 1709, a competition was announced to decorate the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. The most coveted contemporary commission, it attracted James 1708-1716 - Arlington Street (Westminster) Painting & Italy & place: Belluno Landscape painter Marco Ricci was born on 5 June 1676 at Belluno, in the Republic of Venice, the son of a landscape painter. He is said to have fled 1708-1713 - Arlington Street (Westminster) Academies & Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini was born on 29 April 1675 in Venice where his father was a glove maker. He worked in Moravia and Vienna in the 1674-1688 - Palace of Whitehall (Westminster) Painting & Revolution & Royalty & Italy & place: Bologna Painter Benedetto Gennari was born at Cento, Emilia-Romagna, in October 1633 into a dynasty of artists. In 1643 the family moved to Bologna and he 1638-1642 - Romney Road (Greenwich) Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Rome Painter Artemisia Gentileschi was born in Rome on 8 July 1593. Her early training took place in the surroundings of her father’s (Orazio 1764-1825 - Broad Street (Soho) Academies & Painting & Swiss & place: Zürich Painter and writer Henry Fuseli was born Johann Heinrich Füssli at Zürich on 6 February 1741, the son of Johann Caspar Füssli, portrait painter and 1800-1849 - Newman Street (Fitzrovia) Animal Trade & Huguenots & Painting & Printsellers & Royalty & Swiss & place: Geneva Painter Jacques-Laurent Agasse was born on 24 March 1767 at Geneva. His family were merchants of Huguenot descent. The youngster showed an interest 1672-1707 - Pall Mall (Westminster) Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Lecce Painter Antonio Verrio was born about 1636 in Lecce. Having lived and worked in France for a number of years, he travelled to London in March 1672. 1626-1639 - Strand (Covent Garden) Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Pisa Painter Orazio Gentileschi was born in Pisa in July 1563, the son of a Florentine goldsmith. He started his career as a medallist. Both his older 1574-1575 - Hampton Court (East Molesey) Collections & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Vado Painter Federico Zuccaro was born in 1539/40 at Sant’Angelo in Vado, Marche, son of the painter Ottaviano Zuccaro. Having worked in Rome, Venice, 1744-1749 - Maids of Honour Row (Richmond) Music & Painting Painter Antonio Joli was born in Modena, where he studied perspective under Raffaello Rinaldi before becoming a pupil of Giovanni Paolo Panini in 1729-1739 - St James’s Square (Westminster) Music & Painting & Xenophobia & Italy & place: Venezia Painter Jacopo Amigoni was born around 1685 in Venice. From 1717 onwards he was recorded working in Bavaria. He moved to London in 1729. As an 1716-1760 - Not traced Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Giovanni Battista Bellucci was born in 1683 in Venice. His father Antonio was a court painter in Vienna and Düsseldorf. In 1716, at the 1710-1713 - Kensington Gardens (Kensington) Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Painter Niccolò Cassana, often called Nicoletto, was born in Venice in 1659 into a family of painters. He trained with his father and was active 1731-1739 - St James’s Square (Westminster) Designers & Painting & Italy Painter and draughtsman Gaetano Brunetti was born in Lombardy at an unknown date. In 1731 he joined Venetian painter Jacopo Amigoni in London where 1719-1775 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Francesco Sleter called himself a Venetian, but little is known about his life and background. He is first recorded in England as working 1708-1752 - Bedford Street (Covent Garden) Societies & Painting & Theatre & Italy & place: Genoa Painter and scene designer John Devoto was referred to as being French during his lifetime, but his parents were probably Italian as the name has 1519-1554 - Fleet Street (City of London) Architecture & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Florence Painter Anthony Toto was born in 1499 in Florence, the son of Toto del Nunziata who was a producer of fireworks. He was trained by Ridolfo 1531-1554 - Nonsuch Palace (Surrey) Architecture & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Firenze Nonsuch Palace was built by Henry VIII in 1538 just south of London. Many artists from the Continent were involved in the project including