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1835-1846 - Strand (Covent Garden) Crime & Military & Italy & place: Florence Forger Count [Rinaldo] Ottavio degli Albizzi was born in 1804 in Florence. A cavalry officer in the army of Charles X of France, he was wounded in 1774-1814 - Mount Street (Mayfair) music & Italy & place: Florence Opera singer Giovanna Sestini was born in 1748/9 in Florence. Little is known about her early years. Between 1763 and 1766 Giovanna she sang in 1784-1844 - Haymarket (Westminster) Painting & Theatre & Italy & place: Florence Scene painter Gaetano Marinari was born in Florence (date is not known). He was active in Britain between between 1784 and 1836. He succeeded 1769-1801 - Orchard Street (Marylebone) Art Dealers & Printing & Printsellers & Italy & place: Florence Painter, publisher, and art dealer Antonio Cesare Poggi was born in 1744, probably in Florence. By 1782 he was dealing from no. 4 Orchard Street, 1757-1805 - Hanover Square (Mayfair) Dance & Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Florence Dancer and theatre manager Giovanni Andrea Battista [John Andrew] Gallini was born in Florence on 7 January 1728. He was trained in Paris and moved 1755-1785 - Hedge Lane (Westminster) Academies & Collections & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Florence Decorative painter and draughtsman Giovanni Battista Cipriani was born in Florence in 1727. He first studied painting in Florence under the 1764-1802 - Warwick Street (Soho) Academies & Clubs & Engravers & Royalty & Italy & place: Florence Engraver Francesco Bartolozzi was born on 21 September 1727 in Florence. His father was a goldsmith, but Francesco chose a different career. He 1749 - Green Park (Westminster) Music & Pyrotechnics & Royalty & Italy & place: Florence The War of the Austrian Succession with Britain and the Dutch Republic on one side versus France, Prussia, and Bavaria on the other, ended with the 1733-1750 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Florence Violinist Francesco Maria Veracini was born on 1 February 1690 in Florence. His father was a pharmacist, but his grandfather had been one of the 1717-1724 - Not traced Music & Italy & place: Florence Alto castrato singer Gaetano Berenstadt was born in Florence on 7 June 1687 into a German family. His father was timpanist to the Grand Duke of 1739-1760 - Haymarket (Westminster) Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Florence Opera manager and librettist Francesco Vanneschi was active in Florence in 1732 (further details are missing) when he wrote Enrico, later re-set 1642-1687 - Haymarket (Westminster) Military & Royalty & Trade & Italy & place: Florence Royalist army officer and merchant Bernard Gascoigne was born Bernardo Guasconi in Florence in April/May 1614. Having started his military career as 1632-1642 - Palace of Whitehall (Westminster) Collections & Royalty & Sculpture & Italy & place: Florence Sculptor Francesco Fanelli was born on 17 December 1577 in Florence where he was apprenticed to the Giovanni Bandini. By August 1605, Fanelli and 1547-1553 - Lambeth Palace (Lambeth) Universities & Church History & Italy & place: Florence Reformer Piero Mariano Vermigli, known as Peter Martyr, was born on 8 September 1499 at Florence. His father was a wealthy shoemaker and he received 1562-1571 - Not traced Spies & Banking & Trade & Italy & place: Florence Banker and conspirator Roberto di Ridolfi was born in Florence on 18 November 1531 into an aristocratic dynasty. His family operated one of the 1550-1566 - Austin Friars (City of London) Church History & Royalty & Translations & Italy & place: Florence Reformed minister, author, and translator Michelangelo Florio was born in Tuscany (most likely in Florence; the date is not known) into a family of 1506-1520 - St Peter’s (Westminster) Royalty & Sculpture & Italy & place: Florence Sculptor Pietro Torrigiano was born in Florence on 24 November 1472. He was one of a group of youngsters who studied art under the patronage of 1444-1454 - Lombard Street (City of London) Academies & Universities & Banking & Finance & Collections & Trade & Commerce & Wool & Textiles & Italy & place: Florence Merchant and banker Jacopo Salviati was born in 1417 in Florence, the third son of Alamanno Salviati, a prominent banker and politician. The family 1870-1893 - Waterford Road (Fulham) Clubs & Sculpture & Italy & place: Florence Sculptor Luigi [Louis] Fabbrucci was born in 1829 in Florence. He studied at the local Academy under Aristodemo Costoli. In 1853 he created his 1848-1868 - Great Russell (Bloomsbury) Collections & Crime & Librarians & Italy & place: Florence Mathematician and book collector Guglielmo Libri was born on 2 January 1802 in Florence. Having studied at the University of Pisa, he was appointed 1519-1554 - Fleet Street (City of London) Architecture & Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Florence Painter Anthony Toto was born in 1499 in Florence, the son of Toto del Nunziata who was a producer of fireworks. He was trained by Ridolfo 1335-1345 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Finance & Trade & Commerce & Wool & Textiles & Italy & place: Florence The Florentine merchant-bank of Peruzzi came to prominence around 1275. Run by family members, it soon became one of Europe’s most efficient money 1299-1309 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Trade & Wool & Textiles & Italy & place: Florence Wool and cloth merchants Frescobaldi started off business in Bruges, before expanding into banking in their home city of Florence in the thirteenth 1290-1490 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Jews & Italy & place: Florence The first London goldsmiths were Jewish. They also acted as bankers and moneylenders, but medieval attitudes to usury were disapproving. In 1275, 1290-1346 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Trade & Italy & place: Florence The Compagnia dei Bardi was a Tuscan bank started by members of the Bardi dynasty. By 1310, they were the wealthiest family in Florence. They 1711-1753 - Not traced Banking & Collections & Music & Politics & Italy & place: Florence Merchant, diplomat, and amateur harpsichordist Giovanni Giacomo Zamboni was born on 26 July 1683 in Florence. He began his career in as a merchant 1957-2013 - Langton Street (Chelsea) Cuisine & Royalty & Italy & place: Florence Restaurateur Alvaro Maccioni was born near Florence on 3 June 1937, the son of a wholesale food dealer. He trained in several hotels around Italy 1317-1321 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Finance & Trade & Commerce & Italy & place: Florence Merchant and author Francesco di Balducci Pegolotti was born around 1280 into a Florentine family. He worked for the Compagnia dei Bardi, one of the