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place: Livorno

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1803-1885 - Lauderdale Road (Maida Vale) Banking & Education & Jews & Italy & place: Livorno Financier and Jewish community leader Moses Haim Montefiore was born in Livorno on 24 October 1784 into a Jewish family. On his father’s side 1804-1828 - Heneage Lane (City of London) Jews & Italy & place: Livorno Rabbi Raphael Meldola was born in 1754 in Livorno, the son of a Professor of Oriental Languages at the University of Paris. He came from a line of 1750-1802 - Carlisle Street (Soho) Arms & Royalty & Italy & place: Livorno Fencing master Domenico Angelo was born Angelo Domenico Malevolti Tremamondo in Livorno in 1717. His father was a wealthy merchant. Angelo received