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place: Lucca

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1834-1874 - Myddleton Street (Clerkenwell) Sculpture & Italy & place: Lucca Plaster cast maker Giovanni Ferdinando Franchi was born around 1812 in Lucca. He settled in London around 1834. By around 1851, working from 1780-1787 - Artillery Ground (City of London) Ballooning & Entertainment & Italy & place: Lucca Hot air balloonist Vincenzo Lunardi was born in Lucca on 11 January 1759 into a family of minor 1714-1772 - Haymarket (Westminster) Societies & Music & Italy & place: Lucca Flautist and composer Francesco Barsanti was born in Lucca in 1690. Little is known about his background. He studied law in Padua, but abandoned it 1714-1762 - Dufour’s Court (Soho) Freemasonry & Music & Pubs & Royalty & Italy & place: Lucca Composer and violinist Francesco Saverio Geminiani was born on 5 December 1687 in Lucca. Having studied under Corelli amongst other teachers, he 1506-1517 St Stephen (Westminster) Church History & Royalty & Italy & place: Lucca Humanist scholar and poet Andreas Ammonius [Andrea della Rena] was born in Lucca into a family of silk weavers and baptised on 13 October 1476. In 1451-1490 Coleman Street (City of London) Church History & Royalty & Wool & Textiles & Italy & Place: Lucca Wool and silk dealer Carlo Gigli was born in Lucca. His business flourished and he was admitted as a member of the prestigious confraternity of Our 1513-1549 - Bishopsgate Street (City of London) Banking & Finance & Church History & Trade & Commerce & Wool & Textiles & Italy & place: Lucca Merchant and banker Antonio Buonvisi was born around 1470/5. He belonged to an ancient family of Lucca. His parents may have settled in England 1726-1770 - Holles Street (Westminster) Antiquarians & Collections & Music & Italy & place: Lucca Antiquarian Carlo Gambarini was born in Lucca (date not known) into a noble family. Few details are known about his life or background. He was in 1370-1400 - Not traced Trade & Commerce & Italy & place: Lucca Merchant Bartholomew Bosan was a native of Lucca who had established a business in London by the early 1370s, trading to Bruges which was a common 1860-1925 - Leather Lane (Holborn) Sculpture & Italy & place: Lucca Moulder and plaster cast figure maker Daniele [Daniel] Landi was born around 1838 in Lucca. His parents had taken the family to London at an unknown 1275-1294 - Lombard Street (City of London) Banking & Trade & Wool & Textiles & Italy & place: Lucca By the thirteenth century, English monarchs were hampered by the failure of traditional revenues to meet their ever increasing expenses. Edward I