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place: Naples

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1860-1914 - Frith Street (Soho) Jewellers & archeology & Italy & place: Naples Founded by Fortunato Pio Castellani in the early nineteenth century, the Castellani firm of jewellers was based near the Spanish Steps in Rome. 1835-1851 - Drury Lane (Covent Garden) Music & Italy & place: Naples Componist, singer, and teacher Gioseffo Catrufo was born on 19 April 1771 in Naples. He studied at the conservatory of La Pietà dei Turchini in 1840-1848 - Haymarket (Westminster) Dance & Italy & place: Naples Ballerina and choreographer Francesca [Fanny] Cerrito was born on 11 May 1817 in Naples. She was trained in the ballet school of the Real Teatro di 1835-1879 - Hyde Park Gate (Kensington) Music & Italy & place: Naples Tenor Giacinto Marras was born on 6 July 1810 at Naples. In 1820 he entered the preparatory school of the 1830-1855 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Naples Singer Luigi Lablache was born at Naples on 6 December 1795. In 1806 he entered the Conservatorio della Pietà dei Turchini and in 1812 he was 1829-1884 - Eccleston Square (Belgravia) Societies & Dance & Jews & Music & Italy & place: Naples Conductor and composer Michael Costa was born Michele Andrea Agniello Costa in Naples on 4 February 1808, the son of Pasquale Costa. The family was 1823-1828 - Haymarket (Westminster) Academies & Music & Italy & place: Naples Opera composer Carlo Coccia was born in Naples on 14 April 1782. He studied in his native city with Pietro Casella and Giovanni Paisiello, who 1822-1825 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Naples Soprano Giuseppina Ronzi was born in Milan on 11 January 1800, the daughter of Gaspare Ronzi, a famous dancer and choreographer. Her mother was a 1821-1881 - Upper James Street (Westminster) Architecture & Engineering & Radicalism & Theatre & Italy & place: Naples Civil engineer Benedetto Albano was born about 1796 in Naples. Whilst studying architecture in his home town, he became associated with the 1792-1859 - Newman Street (Fitzrovia) Education & Music & Italy & place: Naples Music teacher Gesualdo Lanza was born in 1779 in Naples. He was trained by his father Giuseppe, a composer who, from 1792 onwards, was private 1782-1792 - Broad Street (Soho) Art Dealers & Painting & Italy & Place: Naples Picture dealer and restorer Genaro Domizio was born in Naples. Having settled in London in 1782, he came to prominence in the early 1790s as a 1763-1776 - Gerrard Street (Soho) Music & Italy & place: Naples Composer and harpsichordist Mattia [Mathias] Vento was born in Naples in 1735. He studied at the Conservatory of 1770-1786 - Sutton Street (Soho) Painting & Italy & place: Naples Picture restorer Nicolai Biondi was born in Naples (date unknown). He was in London by 1770 and working from Sutton Street, Soho between 1770 and 1781-1813 - Piccadilly (Westminster) Engravers & Printsellers & Italy & place: Naples Engraver, publisher, and print dealer Mariano Bovi [Bova] was born in 1758 in Naples. In 1781, he was sent by Ferdinand IV to London to be trained 1771-1809 - Not traced (Islington) Ballooning & Clubs & Music & Painting & Science & Italy & place: Naples Scientist and inventor Tiberius Cavallo was born on 30 March 1749 in Naples, the son of a physician. In 1771 he moved to England. With a keen 1754-1763 - Haymarket (Westminster) Impresarios & Music & Italy & place: Naples Soprano Regina Mingotti was born Regina Valentini in Naples on 6 February 1722. The daughter of an Austrian officer, she was educated at an Ursuline 1753-1783 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Naples Composer Tommaso Giordani was born around 1733 probably in or near Naples, the son of librettist Giuseppe Giordani and his wife, Antonia, a singer, 1739-1754 - Not traced Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Naples Composer and cellist Salvatore Lanzetti was born in Naples in 1710. He was a pupil at the Conservatory of Santa Maria di Loreto where he devoted 1736-1739 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy & place: Naples Having sung in three operas at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples, mezzo-soprano Maria Antonia Marchesini was 1674-1700 - Strand (Covent Garden) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Naples Violinist and composer Nicola Matteis described himself as ‘Napolitano’ in several of his works, but nothing is known about his origins or 1965-2009 - Not traced (Willesden) Jews & Music & Italy & place: Naples Pianist and teacher Maria Curcio born 27 August 1919 in Naples, the daughter of an Italian businessman and a Brazilian mother, a pianist in her own 1960-1967 - New Bond Street (Westminster) Art Dealers & Galleries & Sculpture & Italy & place: Naples Art dealer and gallery holder Christian Mario Balthasar Faerber was born in Naples in 1901, the son of a Swiss engineer who, in 1880, had been 1876-1903 - Howland Street (Fitzrovia) Jewellers & Silver & Trade & Italy & place: Naples Jeweller Federico Raimondo Giuliano was born around 1830 in Naples, the younger brother of the more famous Carlo Giuliano. Like his brother he 1874-1914 - Piccadilly (Westminster) Archaeologists & Jewellery & Italy & place: Naples Jeweller Pasquale Novissimo was born in 1844 in Naples. He originally designed stage jewellery for an Italian opera company while travelling with