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place: Paris

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1860-1880 - Little Saffron Hill (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Music & Trade & Italy & place: Paris Barrel-organ manufacturer Giuseppe Chiappa was born in 1828. He served an apprenticeship in Paris under the famous mechanical organ manufacturer 1819-1854 - High Street (Bloomsbury) Instrument Making & Music & Italy & place: Paris Guitar maker Louis Panormo was born in Paris in 1784, the son of an Italian luthier. He moved to London in 1819 and set up a workshop at no. 31 High 1929-1944 - Camden Road (Camden) Secret Agents & Swiss & place: Paris Secret agent Yolande Unternährer was born on 28 October 1911 in Paris, the daughter of Swiss parents. The family moved to England in 1929 and first