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1790-1825 - Dean Street (Soho) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Rome Composer, music publisher, and teacher Domenico Corri was born in Rome on 4 October 1746, the son of a confectioner. He studied violin and 1815-1855 - Tower of London (City of London) Engravers & Medallists & Numismatics & Sculpture & Italy & place: Rome Cameo cutter and medallist Benedetto Pistrucci was born on 24 May 1783 in Rome. He was trained by Nicola Morelli. At Rome’s Scuola del Nudo (school 1799-1809 - Princes Street (Mayfair) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Rome Francesco Cianchettini was born in Rome in 1765/6. He was in London by 1799 where he married Bohemia-born singer Veronika Dussek, sister of the 1772-1795 - Golden Square (Westminster) Architecture & Theatre & Urban Developers & Italy & place: Rome In spite of his Polish name, scene painter and architect Michael Novosielski was born around 1747 in Rome. When he arrived in England is not known, 1774-1828 - Strand (Covent Garden) Entertainment & Royalty & Theatre & Italy & place: Rome Pantomimist, dancer, and theatrical manager Carlo Antonio Delpini was born around 1740 in Rome, possibly in the parish of San Martino. He was a 1770-1778 - Union Street (Southwark) Sculpture & Italy & place: Rome Sculptor Giuseppe Angelini was born in 1742 in Rome. He studied under Bartolomeo Cavaceppi for whom he carried out a considerable amount of 1773-1781 - Dean Street (Soho) Academies & Radicalism & Sculpture & Italy & place: Rome Sculptor Giuseppe Ceracchi was born in Rome on 4 July 1751. He was apprenticed to Tommaso Righi and then continued his studies at the Accademia di 1741-1766 - Gerrard Street (Soho) painting & societies & Italy & place: Rome Rococo painter ‘Chevalier’ Andrea Casali was born on 17 November 1705 in Rome. Early in his career he worked as a decorative painter in Roman 1715-1744 - Marylebone High Street (Westminster) Academies & Literature & Music & Royalty & Salons & Translations & Italy & place: Rome Poet and librettist Paolo Antonio Rolli was born in Rome on 13 June 1687. He worked in London from 1701-1729 - Bow Street (Covent Garden) Academies & Collections & Librarians & Music & Numismatics & Italy & place: Rome Librettist, bibliographer, and numismatist Nicola Francesco Haym was born in Rome on 6 July 1678. Having started his career as a cellist, he arrived 1675-1699 - Paradise Row (Chelsea) Royalty & Salons & Italy & place: Rome Hortense Mancini, Duchesse Mazarin, was born in Rome on 6 June 1646 into a family of aristocrats. She was the fourth of five Mancini sisters, who 1638-1642 - Romney Road (Greenwich) Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Rome Painter Artemisia Gentileschi was born in Rome on 8 July 1593. Her early training took place in the surroundings of her father’s (Orazio 1719-1725 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy & place: Rome Cellist and composer Filippo Amadei, known as Pippo del Violoncello, was born in Rome around 1665. In his early career he performed in in concerts 1715-1750 - Piccadilly (Westminster) Academies & Clubs & Music & Italy & place: Rome Violinist and composer Pietro Castrucci was born in Rome in 1679. Details of his early life are scarce, but his father was a violinist, and both 1490-1681 - Richmond Palace (Richmond) Linguistics & Politics & Royalty & Italy & Place: Rome The role of Latin Secretary to the King was established under Henry VII. Since Latin was the language of European diplomatic and scholarly 1715-1760 - Piccadilly (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Rome Violonist and composer Prospero Castrucci was born in 1690 in Rome. Details of his early life are scarce, but his father was a violinist in the 1245-1268 - Westminster Abbey (Westminster) Architecture & Church History & Mosaics & Italy & place: Rome In the 1040s King Edward established his Royal Palace by the banks of the Thames. Nearby was a Benedictine monastery which was rebuilt as a large 100-200 - Leadenhall Street (City of London) Collections & Mosaics & Romans & Italy & place: Rome The Leadenhall Street (Roman) Mosaic was discovered during building work on the premises of the East India Company in Leadenhall Street, City of 190-225 - Coleman Street (City of London) Architecture & Romans & Italy & place: Rome In 1957, part of the original London city wall was unearthed between Coleman Street and Basinghall Street. Constructed by the Romans between 54 BC-410 - Watling Road (City of Lonagsdon) Romans & Italy & place: Rome Watling Street was an ancient trackway that was later paved by the Romans from London to Dover. A section of Watling Street still exists in the City 43-onwards - Walbrook (City of London) Romans & Italy & place: Rome Londinium was established shortly after the invasion of Emperor Claudius in the summer of 43AD. The first Roman building was an Auxiliary Fort,