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Place: Siena

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1789-1806 - Not traced Education & Linguistics & Italy & place: Siena Linguist Antonio Montucci was born on 22 May 1762 in Sienna. His father was an architect and engineer; his mother the painter Marianna Buonfigli. 1758-1786 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Sex & Italy & place: Siena Singer and composer Giusto Ferdinando Tenducci was born around 1735 in Siena. He received his musical education at the Naples conservatory and made 1547-1553 - Lambeth Palace Road (Lambeth) Church History & Translations & Italy & Place: Siena Reformer Bernardino Ochino was born in Siena about 1487, the son of a barber. Around 1504, he was entrusted to the order of Franciscan Friars. Some