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place: Venice

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1794-1846 - Leicester Square (Westminster) Collections & Music & Italy & place: Venice Composer and double bass player Domenico Dragonetti was born on 7 April 1763 in Venice. There he studied with Michele Berini and joined the 1791-1895 - Pall Mall (Westminster) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Venice Composer, singer, violinist, and music publisher Giambattista Cimador was born Giovanni Battista Cimadoro in 1761 in Venice into a noble family. 1759-1797 - Soho Square (Soho) Impresarios & Music & Salons & Italy & place: Venice Singer, salonnière, and impresario Teresa Cornelys [also known as Mrs Pompeati, Mrs Trenti, and Mrs Cornelys] was born Anna-Maria Teresa Imer in 1818-1881 - Strand (Covent Garden) Poetry & Music & Sex & Italy & place: Venice The Savoy Theatre on the Strand was opened on 10 October 1881. On 7 December 1889 the theatre premiered The 1764-1821 - Warwick Street (Soho) Academies & Clubs & Engravers & Music & Printing & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Engraver and art dealer Gaetano Stefano Bartolozzi was born in 1757 in Venice, the son of engraver Francesco Bartolozzi. His father moved the family 1766-1781 - John Street (Bloomsbury) Architecture & Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Antonio Zucchi was born in Venice on 1 May 1726, the son of an engraver. His early style developed from Venetian Rococo to Neo-Classicism 1736-1745 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy & place: Venice Organist and composer Giovanni Battista Pescetti was born around 1704 in Venice, where he studied under Antonio Lotti. Having spent some time 1736-1739 - St James’s Square (Westminster) Literature & Politics & Sex & Italy & place: Venice Scientist, poet, diplomat, philosopher, art collector, and opera lover Francesco Algarotti was born in Venice on 11 December 1712, the son of a rich 1720-1725 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Composer Giovanni Porta was born around 1677 probably in Venice where his opera Argippo was premiered in 1717. One of the leading Venetian 1720-1722 - Haymarket (Westminster) Music & Italy & place: Venice Operatic soprani Maria Maddalena Salvai was born in Florence (date not known). In 1716 she was in the service of the Landgrave of Kassel; she sang 1719-1730 - Henrietta Street (Covent Garden) Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Vincenzo Damini was born in Venice towards the end of the seventeenth century. He was a pupil of Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, and 1716-1722 - St James’s Square (Westminster) Painting & Italy & place: Venice Rococo painter Antonio Bellucci was born on 19 February 1654 in Venice. Working in the style of Veronese, he gained his reputation in the 1680s as a 1715-1740 - Poland Street (Soho) Architecture & Translations & Italy & place: Venice Venetian architect Giacomo [James] Leoni settled in London early in the second decade of the eighteenth century. His arrival in Britain was 1710-1728 - Not traced Music & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Oboist, cellist, and harpsichordist Giovanni Schiavonetti was born in Venice (date is not known). He was married to the soprano and prima donna 1709-1734 - St Paul’s Churchyard (City of London) Painting & Xenophobia & Italy & place: Venice In March 1709, a competition was announced to decorate the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. The most coveted contemporary commission, it attracted James 1708-1713 - Arlington Street (Westminster) Academies & Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini was born on 29 April 1675 in Venice where his father was a glove maker. He worked in Moravia and Vienna in the 1731-1740 - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Camden) Music & Italy & place: Venice Bass singer Antonio Montagnana was born in Venice (date not known). Little is known of his early life. His first recorded performance dates from 1567-1587 - Blackfriars Lane (Blackfriars) Arms & Italy & place: Venice Fencing master Rocco Bonetti had been a Captain in the service of Venice where he learned his skills in swordplay. He came to London in 1569 and 1729-1815 - Haymarket (Westminster) Entertainment & Impresarios & Salons & Sex & Italy & place: Venice British Grand Tourists brought back a passionate love of all aspects of Italian culture. When Vauxhall Gardens opened to the paying public in 1729, 1716-1760 - Not traced Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Giovanni Battista Bellucci was born in 1683 in Venice. His father Antonio was a court painter in Vienna and Düsseldorf. In 1716, at the 1710-1713 - Kensington Gardens (Kensington) Painting & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Painter Niccolò Cassana, often called Nicoletto, was born in Venice in 1659 into a family of painters. He trained with his father and was active 1571-1673 - Strand (Covent Garden) Glassmakers & Jews & Italy & place: Venice The Venetian island of Murano was the centre of European glassmaking, peaking in popularity in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. During the 1701-1728 - Heneage Lane (City of London) Jews & Medicine & Philosophy & Science & Italy & place: Venice Rabbi and scholar David Nieto was born on 18 January 1654 in Venice. He studied medicine in Padua, and then worked as a preacher and physician in 1516-1520 - Palace of Westminster (Westminster) Music & Suicide & Italy & place: Venice Organist and choirmaster Dionysius Memmo [Memo] was born in Venice (date not known). A pupil of Paul Hofhaimer in Austria, he was from 1507 until 1719-1775 - Little Stanmore (Middlesex) Painting & Italy & place: Venice Painter Francesco Sleter called himself a Venetian, but little is known about his life and background. He is first recorded in England as working