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1836-1859 - Portsdown Road (Kensington) Jews & Printing & Radicalism & Italy & place: Pesaro Supporter of Italian independence Sarina Nathan was born Sarina Levi on 7 December 1819 at Pesaro on the Adriatic coast into a Jewish merchant 1813-1839 - Bond Street (Mayfair) Academies & Music & Printing & Italy Violinist and child prodigy Nicolas Mori was born on 24 January 1796, the son of a wig maker. In 1808 he became a pupil of Giovanni Battista Viotti 1811-onwards - Dean Street (Soho) Clubs & Confectioners & Music & Printing & Italy Pastry cook Giuseppe Novello was of Piedmontese origins. Having arrived in London in August 1771, he set up his own confectioner’s business having 1790-1825 - Dean Street (Soho) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Rome Composer, music publisher, and teacher Domenico Corri was born in Rome on 4 October 1746, the son of a confectioner. He studied violin and 1790-1813 - Brompton Road (Knightsbridge) Engravers & Painting & Printing & Italy & place: Bassano del Grappo Print-maker Niccolò [Nicholas] Schiavonetti was born around 1771 in Bassano del Grappo and moved to England in the early 1790s where he joined his 1799-1809 - Princes Street (Mayfair) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Rome Francesco Cianchettini was born in Rome in 1765/6. He was in London by 1799 where he married Bohemia-born singer Veronika Dussek, sister of the 1795-1799 - Hanover Square (Mayfair) Booksellers & Journalism & Linguistics & Periodicals & Printing & Italy & place: Palazzolo Newspaper publisher Giovanni Antonio Galignani was born in 1757 in Palazzolo, near Brescia. His name was probably derived from the village of 1785-1839 - Pall Mall (Westminster) Instrument Making & Printing & Royalty & Trade & Italy & place: Verona Flautist, publisher, and instrument-maker Tebaldo Monzani was born in 1762 in Verona. Having moved to London in 1785, he appeared as first flute at 1791-1895 - Pall Mall (Westminster) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Venice Composer, singer, violinist, and music publisher Giambattista Cimador was born Giovanni Battista Cimadoro in 1761 in Venice into a noble family. 1769-1801 - Orchard Street (Marylebone) Art Dealers & Printing & Printsellers & Italy & place: Florence Painter, publisher, and art dealer Antonio Cesare Poggi was born in 1744, probably in Florence. By 1782 he was dealing from no. 4 Orchard Street, 1764-1821 - Warwick Street (Soho) Academies & Clubs & Engravers & Music & Printing & Royalty & Italy & place: Venice Engraver and art dealer Gaetano Stefano Bartolozzi was born in 1757 in Venice, the son of engraver Francesco Bartolozzi. His father moved the family 1743-1795 - Poland Street (Soho) Music & Printing & Italy Violinist Francis Pasquali (place and date of birth are unknown) arrived in London from Italy about 1743, following in the footsteps of his elder 1702-1705 - Strand (Covent Garden) Instrument Making & Music & Printing & Italy & place: Cremona Virtuoso violinist and composer Gasparo Visconti was born in Cremona in January 1683 into a noble family 1674-1700 - Strand (Covent Garden) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Naples Violinist and composer Nicola Matteis described himself as ‘Napolitano’ in several of his works, but nothing is known about his origins or 1934-1939 - Not traced Periodicals & Politics & Printing & Swiss & place: Weggis Marxist avant-garde publisher and writer Wieland Herzfelde [Herzfeld] was born on 11 April 1896 in Weggis in the canton of Lucerne into a family of 1690-1891 - Fleet Street (City of London) Collections & Glassmakers & Printing & Translations & Italy In August 1668, Charles Colbert arrived in London to become French ambassador to the Court of St James in coach with glass windows. Such ‘glass 1583-1586 - Barbican (City of London) Church History & Philosophers & Printing & Italy & place: Nola Philosopher and cosmologist Giordano Bruno was born Filippo Bruno in 1548 in Nola (Campania, then part of the Kingdom of Naples), the son of a 1588-1627 - Aldersgate Street (City of London) Music & Printing & Italy Music printer Thomas East [Este] was born about 1540. He was made a freeman of the Stationers’ Company in December 1565. From 1576 onwards, his name 1746-1770 - Cheapside (City of London) Music & Printing & Italy & place: Napoli Composer, harpsichordist, and teacher Pietro Domenico Paradies [Paradisi] was born in Naples in 1707. A student of Nicola Porpora, he dedicated