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1831-1875 - Knightrider Street (City of London) Music & Pubs & Italy Violinist Joseph Dando was born on 11 May 1806 at London’s Somers Town. Nothing is known of his parents, but he was most likely of Italian descent. 1714-1762 - Dufour’s Court (Soho) Freemasonry & Music & Pubs & Royalty & Italy & place: Lucca Composer and violinist Francesco Saverio Geminiani was born on 5 December 1687 in Lucca. Having studied under Corelli amongst other teachers, he 1629-1660 - Edgware Road (Barnet) Tags: Music & Pubs & Royalty & Italy London’s Brent Reservoir is popularly known as the Welsh Harp. It takes its informal name from the Welsh Harp, a public house first recorded in 1751 1779-1835 - Drury Lane (Covent Garden) Puppeteers & Pubs & Italy & place: Piacenza Puppeteer Giovanni Piccini was born in 1744/5 in Piacenza. There are no details about his early years. He arrived in London in about 1779, along 1713-1784 - Brydges Street (Covent Garden) Actors & Coffee and Tea Houses & Jews & Music & Pubs & Italy & place: Mantua Innkeeper Isaac [Issachar] Norsa was a Jew from Mantua who, in 1717, was living in Brydges Street, Covent Garden, where he co-owned the Green 1662-onwards - The Piazza (Covent Garden) Entertainment & Linguistics & Pubs & Polari The Punch and Judy show has its roots in the sixteenth-century Italian commedia dell’arte. The figure of Punch derives from the Neapolitan stock 1878-1905 - Windmill Street (Fitzrovia) Crime & Law & Periodicals & Pubs & Radicalism & Italy & place: Vittorio Veneto The failed attempt to kill King Umberto I by Giovanni Passanante on 17 November 1878 led to a ferocious repression of anarchist movements and