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1872-1906 - Upper Cheyne Row (Chelsea) Law & Radicalism & Sculpture Sculptor Angelo Castioni was born in 1834 in Stabio in canton of Ticino. He took refuge in London in 1872 having been involved in the Paris Commune 1839-1895 - Cheyne Walk (Enfield) Universities & Historiography & Journalism & Radicalism & Italy & place: Parma Journalist and writer Antonio Gallenga [pseudonym: Luigi Mariotti] was born on 4 November 1810 in the Duchy of Parma, the son of a Piedmontese 1839-1878 - Mulgrave House (Fulham) Music & Radicalism & Italy & place: Cagliari Tenor Giovanni Mario was born Giovanni Matteo De Candia on 17 October 1810 in Cagliari, Sardinia, into family belonging to the Savoyard aristocracy. 1832-1862 - Gloucester Road (Kensington) Universities & Poetry & Music & Radicalism & Italy & place: Bologna Politician and poet Count Carlo Pepoli was born in Bologna on 22 July 1796. He descended from an aristocratic family. Members of the Pepoli dynasty 1837-1847 - Hatton Garden (Holborn) Societies & Education & Radicalism & Italy & Place: Genoa Journalist and political activist Giuseppe Mazzini was born on 22 June 1805 in Genoa, then under French rule. Banned from the city for revolutionary 1836-1859 - Portsdown Road (Kensington) Jews & Printing & Radicalism & Italy & place: Pesaro Supporter of Italian independence Sarina Nathan was born Sarina Levi on 7 December 1819 at Pesaro on the Adriatic coast into a Jewish merchant 1824-1854 - Charlotte Street (Fitzrovia) Academies & Museums & Poetry & Radicalism & Italy & place: Vasto Scholar, poet, and activist Gabriele Pasquale Rossetti was born on 28 February 1783 in Vasto, Kingdom of Naples. The son of a blacksmith, he made an 1821-1881 - Upper James Street (Westminster) Architecture & Engineering & Radicalism & Theatre & Italy & place: Naples Civil engineer Benedetto Albano was born about 1796 in Naples. Whilst studying architecture in his home town, he became associated with the 1792-1824 - Wells Street (Westminster) Academies & Clubs & Music & Radicalism & Italy & place: Fontanetto da Po Violinist and composer Giovanni Battista Viotti was born in Fontanetto da Po, Piedmont, on 12 May 1755. He studied with Gaetano Pugnani, the 1823-1879 - Gower Street (Bloomsbury) Museums & Librarians & Radicalism & Italy & place: Brescello Librarian Antonio [Anthony] Panizzi was born on 16 September 1797 at Brescello in the Duchy of Modena. He studied at the University of Parma, where 1792-1813 - Wimbledon House (Wimbledon) Radicalism & Royalty & Italy & place: Genua Princess consort of Monaco Maria Caterina Brignole was born on 7 October 1737 at the Palazzo Brignole Sale (or Palazzo Rosso) in Genua. Her father 1773-1781 - Dean Street (Soho) Academies & Radicalism & Sculpture & Italy & place: Rome Sculptor Giuseppe Ceracchi was born in Rome on 4 July 1751. He was apprenticed to Tommaso Righi and then continued his studies at the Accademia di 1673-1688 - Palace of Whitehall (Westminster) Church History & Radicalism & Royalty & Italy & place: Modena Queen Mary of Modena was born Marie Beatrice d’Este on 5 October 1658, the Catholic daughter of Alfonso IV, Duke of Modena. She was the second wife 1878-1905 - Windmill Street (Fitzrovia) Crime & Law & Periodicals & Pubs & Radicalism & Italy & place: Vittorio Veneto The failed attempt to kill King Umberto I by Giovanni Passanante on 17 November 1878 led to a ferocious repression of anarchist movements and 1853-1867 - Radnor Street (Chelsea) Education & Law & Radicalism & Italy & place: Forli Republican politician [Marco] Aurelio Saffi was born on 13 August 1819 in Forli then part of the Papal States (now: Emilia Romagna). He received an 1842-1844 - Greville Street (Clerkenwell) Education & Periodicals & Radicalism & Italy The July Revolution of 1830 in Paris set in motion conspiratorial movements in a number of northern Italian cities and their brutal repression. One 1821-1852 - Berners Street (Westminster) Booksellers & Radicalism & Italy & place: Vercelli Bookseller Pietro Rolandi was born on 3 March 1801 in Vercelli, Piedmonte, into a large family. At the age of sixteen he went to Turin, working as a