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1679-1885 - Roman Bath Street (City of London) Medicine & Romans & Sex & Italy In 1679 London’s first warm bath was built after the Turkish fashion, lined and floored with luxurious marble. It was located at Pentecost (Pincock) 100-200 - Leadenhall Street (City of London) Collections & Mosaics & Romans & Italy & place: Rome The Leadenhall Street (Roman) Mosaic was discovered during building work on the premises of the East India Company in Leadenhall Street, City of 190-225 - Coleman Street (City of London) Architecture & Romans & Italy & place: Rome In 1957, part of the original London city wall was unearthed between Coleman Street and Basinghall Street. Constructed by the Romans between 54 BC-410 - Watling Road (City of Lonagsdon) Romans & Italy & place: Rome Watling Street was an ancient trackway that was later paved by the Romans from London to Dover. A section of Watling Street still exists in the City 43-onwards - Walbrook (City of London) Romans & Italy & place: Rome Londinium was established shortly after the invasion of Emperor Claudius in the summer of 43AD. The first Roman building was an Auxiliary Fort,