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1815-1829 - Not traced Medicine & Periodicals & Science & Italy Physician Bartolomeo de Sanctis (details of his birth or background are lacking) was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Rome until 1813 1780-1819 - High Holborn (Holborn) Instrument Making & Science & Italy & place: Tavernerio Instrument maker John Merry Ronketti was born Giovanni Maria Ronchetti, in the village of Tavernerio, close to Como. Having settled in Holborn in 1771-1809 - Not traced (Islington) Ballooning & Clubs & Music & Painting & Science & Italy & place: Naples Scientist and inventor Tiberius Cavallo was born on 30 March 1749 in Naples, the son of a physician. In 1771 he moved to England. With a keen 1798-1870 - St John Street (Clerkenwell) Instrument Making & Science & Trade & Swiss Maker of barometers and thermometers Francesco [Francis] Amadio was born in Switzerland (details are lacking). He married his English wife Charlotte 1701-1728 - Heneage Lane (City of London) Jews & Medicine & Philosophy & Science & Italy & place: Venice Rabbi and scholar David Nieto was born on 18 January 1654 in Venice. He studied medicine in Padua, and then worked as a preacher and physician in