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1790-1821 - Great Pulteney Street (Soho) Literature & Medicine & Suicide & Translations & Italy & place: Bientina Writer and scholar Gaetano Polidori was the son of a physician who lived and practised in Bientina, near Pisa. Having finished his studies at the 1726-1734 - Not traced Philosophy & Suicide & Italy & place: Passerano Philosopher and freethinker Alberto [|Adalberto] Radicati di Passerano was born in 1698 either at Passerano or Casalborgone into a Piedmontese noble 1516-1520 - Palace of Westminster (Westminster) Music & Suicide & Italy & place: Venice Organist and choirmaster Dionysius Memmo [Memo] was born in Venice (date not known). A pupil of Paul Hofhaimer in Austria, he was from 1507 until