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1871-1930 - Howley Place (Maida Vale) Actors & Theatre Comic actress Rosina Filippi was born in Bergamo in 1866. Her mother Paolina Vaneri was an opera singer of French origin. It is not clear where she 1821-1881 - Upper James Street (Westminster) Architecture & Engineering & Radicalism & Theatre & Italy & place: Naples Civil engineer Benedetto Albano was born about 1796 in Naples. Whilst studying architecture in his home town, he became associated with the 1787-1846 - Strand (Covent Garden) Actors & Theatre & Italy & place: Bologna Actor and dancer John Peter [Jack] Bologna was born in Italy in 1775. After arriving in England with his performing family in 1787, he made his 1784-1844 - Haymarket (Westminster) Painting & Theatre & Italy & place: Florence Scene painter Gaetano Marinari was born in Florence (date is not known). He was active in Britain between between 1784 and 1836. He succeeded 1774-1829 - Golden Square (Westminster) Design & Taylors & Theatre & Italy & place: Lastra a Signa Wardrobe master and costume designer Vincenzo Sestini was born in 1743 Lastra a Signa, near Florence, the elder brother of opera singer Giovanna 1772-1795 - Golden Square (Westminster) Architecture & Theatre & Urban Developers & Italy & place: Rome In spite of his Polish name, scene painter and architect Michael Novosielski was born around 1747 in Rome. When he arrived in England is not known, 1774-1828 - Strand (Covent Garden) Entertainment & Royalty & Theatre & Italy & place: Rome Pantomimist, dancer, and theatrical manager Carlo Antonio Delpini was born around 1740 in Rome, possibly in the parish of San Martino. He was a 1708-1752 - Bedford Street (Covent Garden) Societies & Painting & Theatre & Italy & place: Genoa Painter and scene designer John Devoto was referred to as being French during his lifetime, but his parents were probably Italian as the name has