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1790-1821 - Great Pulteney Street (Soho) Literature & Medicine & Suicide & Translations & Italy & place: Bientina Writer and scholar Gaetano Polidori was the son of a physician who lived and practised in Bientina, near Pisa. Having finished his studies at the 1816-1827 - Edwardes Square (Kensington) Literature & Translations & Italy & place: Zante Poet and critic Ugo Foscolo was born on 6 February 1778 on the Ionian island of Zante, then under the control of Venice, the son of an Italian 1771-1810 - Great Titchfield Street (Westminster) Huguenots & Painting & Translations & Italy & place: Turin Painter John Francis Rigaud was born at Turin on 18 May 1742 into a merchant Huguenot family that had fled France with the revocation of the Edict 1715-1744 - Marylebone High Street (Westminster) Academies & Literature & Music & Royalty & Salons & Translations & Italy & place: Rome Poet and librettist Paolo Antonio Rolli was born in Rome on 13 June 1687. He worked in London from 1715-1740 - Poland Street (Soho) Architecture & Translations & Italy & place: Venice Venetian architect Giacomo [James] Leoni settled in London early in the second decade of the eighteenth century. His arrival in Britain was 1690-1891 - Fleet Street (City of London) Collections & Glassmakers & Printing & Translations & Italy In August 1668, Charles Colbert arrived in London to become French ambassador to the Court of St James in coach with glass windows. Such ‘glass 1588-1599 - Blackfriars Lane (Blackfriars) Arms & Translations & Italy & place: Padova Swordsman and fencing master Vincentio Saviolo was born in Padua (details are lacking). He may have travelled in Europe before arriving in England. 1545-1599 - Not traced Historians & Royalty & Translations & Italy Illuminator and calligraphist Petruccio Ubaldini was born about 1524 in Tuscany. He was probably an illegitimate child. He started his career as a 1550-1566 - Austin Friars (City of London) Church History & Royalty & Translations & Italy & place: Florence Reformed minister, author, and translator Michelangelo Florio was born in Tuscany (most likely in Florence; the date is not known) into a family of 1547-1553 - Lambeth Palace Road (Lambeth) Church History & Translations & Italy & Place: Siena Reformer Bernardino Ochino was born in Siena about 1487, the son of a barber. Around 1504, he was entrusted to the order of Franciscan Friars. Some